Inspection Certification Associates (ICA) Reviews: A Comprehensive Look

When it comes to choosing a program for real estate inspection certification, the options can be overwhelming.

One program that stands out in the crowd is offered by Inspection Certification Associates (ICA).

With comprehensive course offerings and a focus on student success, the ICA program has garnered positive reviews from students across the country.

Course Summary

The ICA offers a variety of courses related to real estate inspection. The flagship program is the Real Estate Inspection Certification Program.

This program is known for its in-depth curriculum and convenience for students. The course provides thorough knowledge in key areas of real estate inspection, even for those who may already have some experience in the field.

One of the standout features of the ICA program is the inclusion of bonus courses in the top package.

These additional courses cover topics such as wind mitigation and 4-point inspection. By bundling these courses together, students can save money compared to purchasing the courses separately.

Real Student Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews By Former Student of ICA As Seen on Indeed

Good Program

A former student of the Real Estate Inspection Certification Program shared their experience on Indeed, stating, “My experience with ICA was good, it is convenient, and educational.

Provided a lot of knowledge in areas I thought I already knew. There were a lot of bonus courses that come with this course, such as wind mitigation, and 4 point inspection if you get the top package which I did and saved about 200.00 dollars then getting them separate.”

This review highlights the comprehensive nature of the ICA program and the value it provides, especially with the bundled bonus courses.

Recommendation From a Former Student

Another former student also shared their positive experience with the Home Inspection course on Indeed, saying, “Great online home inspection school! Wish they had a school in California because I am more of hands on person. But other than that the online classes are very detailed I truly recommend.”

This review underscores the quality of the online classes and the detail-oriented nature of the course material. Although the student wished for a physical location in California, they still found the online course valuable and would recommend it to others.

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Further Student Reviews

Home Inspection License Course

One former student, who reviewed the course on June 23, 2021, highlighted the convenience of the online course setup and the quality of the instructional videos. They shared, “The online course was super convenient and I got to do it on my own time. Very easy videos to follow with good explanation and tips for the trade.” They also appreciated the practical knowledge they gained, stating, “I learned the basics of what to know at a home inspection and how to start my own career as a home inspector.”1

Intense Training Worth the Investment

Another review from June 16, 2021, emphasized the value of the training, despite its intensity and cost. The former student wrote, “Always a need for home inspections, especially now. The housing market is HOT. The training is intense and a bit expensive, but is really worth the investment.”2

Great Video Instruction and Course Material

A student who reviewed the program on February 25, 2021, praised the quality of the video instruction and the ease of following the course topics. They found the ability to revisit modules particularly helpful in preparing for the exam. However, they noted that the course didn’t cover state laws and financial professionalism.

Comprehensive Home Inspector Certification

A student who took the Home Inspector Certification course in January 2021 found it to be a good combination of visual and textbook learning. They appreciated the extensive professional real estate inspections training and additional modules on mold, radon, and pool inspections. According to them, the course had no cons.

Flexible Class Hours and Continued Education

On August 12, 2020, a student changing careers expressed satisfaction with being able to set their own class time and work at their own pace. They mentioned the availability of multiple final exams and the opportunity to retake them if necessary. Plus, they appreciated the continued education provided by the program.

Insight into Real Estate Investing

A student who started the ICA Home Inspection Certification program in July 2020 found it insightful and enjoyable. They felt the training provided valuable insights into home safety and useful examples of what to look for during an inspection. However, they suggested that an apprenticeship following the class could provide a more solid foundation for beginners.

These reviews further underscore the value that students find in the Inspection Certification Associates (ICA) program. The program’s flexibility, comprehensive curriculum, and high-quality instruction have earned it high praise from students, making it a top choice for aspiring home inspectors.

Additional Reviews on Indeed

Based on the additional Indeed reviews and search results, it is evident that those in the home inspection industry value their career for various reasons.

Here are some more reviews from former students and employees in the field:

Home Inspection Course: A student who completed the course on July 2, 2020, appreciated the flexible class hours, good teachers, affordability, helpful career services, positive environment, good career preparation, and hands-on training.

They wrote, “Many years of the construction process and have been in the field for several years. Has vast knowledge of the commercial building and the process that you have to go through to get the different trades to complete the work.”

Changing Careers: Another student who was changing careers found the classes to be slow-paced but extremely detailed and packed with knowledge. They wrote on May 10, 2020, “Classes typically took 2-3 hours with a 20 question quiz to follow that was multiple choice.”

Required for Current Job: A student who needed the course for their current job expressed satisfaction with the program’s thoroughness and design.

On April 27, 2020, they wrote, “The use of videos within the course was very helpful. The graphics were very good as well. I would recommend this to anyone looking to become certified in home inspection.”

Certified Home Inspection: A student who took the Certified Home Inspection course noted the flexibility of class hours and the affordability of the program.

On February 25, 2020, they wrote, “ICA offers an excellent housing inspection course. I was a maintenance tech in a high rise residential building who was seeking a career change. ICA provided me with the opportunity to follow my desires.” However, they mentioned that there was no assistance with job placement.

Final Thoughts

These reviews further underscore the value that students and employees find in the home inspection industry. The industry’s flexibility, comprehensive curriculum, high-quality instruction, and supportive work environments have earned it high praise, making it a top choice for aspiring home inspectors and those seeking a fulfilling career.

Review Summary

In addition to these course reviews, employees at various home inspection companies have shared their experiences.

They have praised the culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management support, and job security at companies such as Home Inspections, Home Inspection Connection, US Inspect, WIN Home Inspection, Buyers Protection Group, LunsPro Home Inspections, Max Home Inspections, and A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections.

Here are some reviews from different companies in the field:

Home Inspections: Employees appreciate the company culture, work-life balance, management support, job security, and other benefits.

Home Inspection Connection: The job is considered easy and sometimes fun as the employees travel from house to house inspecting for damages or foreclosures.

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections: Workers value the company culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, and management support.

WIN Home Inspection: The company provides a decent work culture, salary, benefits, work-life balance, and management.

US Inspect: The company has excellent training programs and reimburses training and marketing expenses.

LunsPro Home Inspections: The team-oriented management structure is progressive and inclusive, making it a great place to grow.

Pillar To Post: This company has potential but work stability is dependent on the housing market.

Orkin: Provides live hands-on training with experienced personnel on pest control, flexible hours, and a great office environment.

Max Home Inspections: Employees appreciate the company culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management.

As for home inspection courses, former students have cited flexible class hours, good teachers, affordable tuition, helpful career services, positive environment, good career preparation, and hands-on training as pros of these programs.

However, some mentioned that assistance with job placement was lacking.


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