LAPD Physical Fitness Test – Advice on How to Pass It

Let me cut to the chase and tell you the LAPD physical fitness test is no laughing matter. In fact, over half of all prospects will fail the police fitness test.

The LAPD fitness test also know as the physical abilities test,  is not for those who are out of shape and unprepared. Other than NYPD’s intense physical agility test, LAPD has one of the toughest police fitness requirements in the country.

If you’re not in superb shape going into the test, you should wait to test until you are truly prepared. You won’t pass if you’re out of shape… PERIOD!

The fitness test was designed to measure a recruits physical ability to perform the various tasks of a police officer. That’s why doing cable exercises and fluff workouts will  not effectively prepare you for the LAPD fitness test. You need a police specific workout program that will develop and improve the following your level of fitness  in the following categories:

  • Muscular strength and endurance (sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups)
  • Aerobic Capacity (1.5 mile run)
  • Anaerobic Power (300 meter sprint)

Developing the above fitness categories are absolutely critical if you want to successfully pass the Physical Abilities Test (PAT). The fitness test is comprised of two portions.  The first portion is designed to measure strength, agility, and endurance. The second portion measures aerobic capacity and it usually is administered the time of the medical evaluation.

It is a pass or fail test. If you pass the Physical Ability Test (PAT) there is no guarantee you’ll be able to make it through the physically demanding academy; this is why it is critical to continue training well after the PAT.

You should know that if you pass the PAT and subsequently get sent to the police academy, the fitness  test there is even tougher. Don’t get lazy if you pass the PAT because down the line you’ll be challenged even more.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I want to emphasize that doing steady pace workouts will not get you anywhere in terms of getting into elite shape. You must follow a law enforcement specific workout plan that encompasses the three major fitness categories I mentioned above.

Here’s a good 7 day workout split that can help you effectively schedule your training program from week to week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday from Saturday Sunday
Warm-up Rest Day Warm-up Rest Day Warm-up Warm-up Rest Day
Total body  Strength &
Endurance Workout30 minutes
Multi-Joint  Strength &
Endurance Workout30 minutes
Total Body
Strength &
Interval training
Interval training
Interval Training25- minutes
Cool-down Rest Day Rest Day Cool-down Cool-down Rest Day
Post Workout Protein/Carb Meal Post Workout Protein/Carb Meal Post Workout Protein/Carb Meal

You can download an entire 30 day meal plan and a step-by-step police workout program at Pass The Police Fitness Test. Make sure you change your workout routine every four weeks for maximum results. I hope this article helped you in some way.