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Top Police Transfer Destinations to consider

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Best agencies that are lateral
transfer friendly

San Bernardino PD

With a highly competitive starting salary, career advancement opportunities, and the chance for upward mobility, San Bernardino Police Department is a great choice for laterals.

El Segundo PD

ESPD is currently offering a $25K sign up bonus for experienced police officers looking to switch agencies.

Yakima PD

YPD has a pretty interesting pay scale structure that see a police officer jump from a starting salary of $66,741 to $90,459 in 3.5 years.

San Diego Police Department

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San Diego, ca

When looking for a police department that value experience and welcome transfers with open arms, look no further than San Diego PD.

With an attractive sign on bonus of $15,000 for lateral transfers with 2 plus years of experience, plus the large amount of career growth opportunities, SDPD is at the top of our list for cops looking to transfer.

Denver Police Department

Denver, Co

If your main motivation for wanting to move on to a different department is to improve your quality of life,  than Denver PD is a good place to consider.

According to US News, the famous website that compiles an annual list of the best places to live based on several factors like quality of life and the job market.  US News rated Denver #2 out of  125 metro areas in the U.S.

Seattle Police Department


There is a $15,000 bonus paid to lateral entry applicants hired by the Seattle Police Department; half of the bonus is paid on the applicant’s first check and the second half is paid upon successful completion of the probationary period.

Applicant must pass all stages of the selection process in order to get the job

Metropolitan Police Department (DC)

Washington, DC

The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia is the primary law enforcement agency for the District of Columbia. Founded in 1861, MPD has 3,800+  sworn police officers. 

DC is a great place to work and with a sign up bonus of $5,000 for lateral transfers, MPD could be a great stop for someone looking for an agency that embraces diversity, and offer career flexibility opportunities.

Portland, Oregon

With an attractive sign on bonus of $10,000, PPB could be a perfect landing spot for someone looking to change police departments.

As of this writing, PPB is actively looking for lateral transfers with prior police experience,

As the largest law enforcement agency in state of Oregon, PPB is responsible for policing a beautiful city. Portland, just one hour away from the mountains or coast.

San Antonio, Texas

With a sign on bonus of $7,500 for lateral transfers, SAPD is the perfect agency to get a fresh start.

The career path at SAPD  is so much better than a medium sized police department, where options in terms of career growth are limited.

Austin, Texas

Many agencies in Texas are lateral transfer friendly and Austin PD is no exception. Although a transfer bonus is not offered by APD at the time of this writing, money alone shouldn’t deter you from pursuing a career for this agency. 

The thing that stands out about Austin PD is the many different specialized units that you can join making it a good destination for transfers who prioritize career growth and advancement.

You will have to attend a modified academy (4 months) with a salary of $59,268. Upon graduation your salary jumps to $67,839/year. 

Seaside PD

Not sure how long this is going to last, but SPD is offering a whopping $30,000 transfer bonus for experience cops.

Santa Clara PD

with a starting salary of $131,304, plus a great benefit package, SCPD is a fantastic agency to consider working for.

Allen PD

APD offers a very aggressive & competitive salary structure for sworn police officers. The salary for lateral transfers range from $63,974 to $84,998 based on APD's step grade system.

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