Law Enforcement Exam Tips

Even though the economy is in a major funk, the need for police officers, state troopers, and sheriff deputies are still at an all time high. In fact, recent studies shows that in the next decade  over 200 thousand law enforcement officers will be needed to cover the growth of various neighborhoods and communities around the  United States. My point is law enforcement along with the medical industry are still in high demand regardless of the current economic situation.

The question is how will those that are interested  in law enforcement properly prepare themselves  to get the job? One way that will certainly improve your chance of getting hired is getting a good score on the law enforcement exam as well as the oral board interview. Both are equally important, and neither should be taken for granted.

Normally, you’ll take the agility test first and then the written exam right afterward. Depending on the department, if you score high enough on the test, you’ll move ahead to the police oral board interview.  In the event that you fail the law enforcement exam, you’ll be eliminated and encouraged to test again in six months.

Here’s How Prepare For The Law Enforcement Exam:

Here are a few things that you can do right now to start preparing yourself for the law enforcement exam. I don’t care if you are in high school right now or getting ready to take the test in a couple months; these tips I’m about to share can help you PRONTO.

First thing first, try to teach yourself to be more observant of your surroundings. For instance, practice observing people by making a mental note of their description. Also, teach yourself about the different types of vehicles as they pass you on the road like extended cab trucks, semi tractor trailers, and etc.  Memorize descriptions of people, places, and things then check later what you think you saw for accuracy.

If you do this consistently, you will notice how much more alert you are. You will start thinking like cop, which is critical as you prepare for the law enforcement test. This will all come in handy when you take the law enforcement exam as you’ll be required to pass the memorization portion of the exam.