Military Physical Fitness Workout Guide – Train Like a Marine

If you’re looking for a military fitness program, it is apparent you’re up for a real challenge. There is no way to get the real atmosphere of the army unless you plan on enlisting. However, I do believe there is a way to get to a level of physical fitness similar to that of what the army requires.

There are many people who offer bootcamp style workouts. The issue with this is that these workouts focus on physical appearance and not physical capability because these workouts are tailored for civilians and not soldiers. A soldier cares little for how he/she looks. Mainly,they needs to be in tip top shape to avoid getting shot in battle.

For that reaon, I can only recommend a program which I know to be based on real military fitness exercises, the  Tacfit Commando program by Scott Sonnon.

The reason why I believe this program is right for you is that Scott Sonnon actually works with military units and special agents from around the world and if you are wanting to get to this level of physicalfitness this book is perfect for you. This isn’t just a program some enthusiastic trainer created and slapped a military style name on. This program is based on the real workouts Scott Sonnon does with soldiers from several armies worldwide.

Tacfit Commando is a great military fitness program because:

  1. It is made up entirely of bodyweight exercises. You can’t expect soldiers to carry dumbbells with them, right?
  2. It trains the body in a variety of movements all focusing on performance with looks as a side effect.
  3. All the exercises are shown in clear videos to help you maintain proper form at all time.
  4. The workouts are all short and intensive as soldiers are always short on time.
  5. There’s a special section on recovery as soldiers need to be able to bounce back from exertion and be able to perform again and again. There are no timeouts in combat.

Bear in mind that civilian training is unlike that of the military. You should be ready for a true challenge as these workouts may be the hardest you’ve ever done. No pain no gain, as the saying goes. If you want to train like a soldier, Navy Seal, or commando unit, you’d better be ready to make some effort.

Click Here To Download The Tactfit Workout Program..

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