Pass The Police Officer Examinaton

The written exam portion of the police entrance test can differ from one state to another. Some police departments have written tests provided by state organizations like POST (Peace Office Standard and Training); while some agencies have tests written for them by companies who specializes in police written exams.

The police written exam will have different types of questions like true or false, fill in the blanks, and essays. However, the police departments prefer the multiple choice for testing because with multiple choice, there will be no subjectivity involved since there is only one answer. It is also easier for the police officers to check the candidates’ answers.

Another way of preparing for the written exam will be to know what type of questions will appear on the test. The most common questions that will be in the test are vocabulary, spelling, memory test, math, reading, and problem solving. You can always go to the website of the police agency you are applying for and see what the basic components of the written exam are.

Establish a method in which you will study for the examination. First, study what you consider to be your weak point. If you are a little weak in math, then spend more time studying math problems. If you are weak in reading comprehension, start reading about anything that can help you improve.

One other way to improve your chances is to take practice police test. There are a lot of these practice tests in your local bookstore or the internet. Taking the practice test will prepare your mind in terms of how to take the exam and help you remain calm on the day itself. Always think positively even if you are taking a lot of time answering  a particular question. Try moving on through the rest of the test and return to any questions you skipped once you have finished the exam.

Make sure to get plenty of rest the night before the examination. No parties or late nights before the exam! You should be well rested so you can think clearly. Also, provide ample time for your commute so you won’t be late if there is traffic. Do this and you are one step closer to passing the police exam.

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