Police Academy For Dummies – Study Material You Must Know

Before going to the police training academy, there are some things you must know in advance. Contrary to popular belief, police academy is not easy. Although some recruits have done well at the academy, many have failed. The one thing you should do  if you want to successfully pass the police academy curriculum is to educate yourself with a police academy preparation book. You want to learn everything you can before going to the police academy.

Here are some of the police academy curriculum exam categories you must successfully pass before you can graduate:

  • Defensive Tactics
  • Police Fitness Test
  • Criminal Law Procedures
  • Traffic Law Procedures
  • Domestic Violence Training
  • EVOC
  • Firearms
  • First Responder/ First Aid
  • Weapon Retention
  • Felony Stops Training
  • Use Of Force Policy
  • Criminal Investigation
  • And More..

The above curriculum  is not even half of the entire course load you’ll undertake at the academy. There will be a lot more  information and training you’ll go through at the academy. Some will be easy, but the majority will be difficult.  That’s why reviewing some of the courses mentioned above will greatly improve your chance of passing the police officer certification exam.

You’ll realize once at the academy, while others are having trouble retaining and recalling the vast amount of information during their lecture period, you’ll be at ease since it will be more of a review for you. You already know being in shape is a key component if you want to survive the academy, but being prepared academically is as important and shouldn’t be neglected. That’s why I recommend that recruit who is planning on attending the academy to prepare themselves physically and academically.