Police Academy Training Overview For police officer

You may be thinking, I want to become a police officer and go to the Law Enforcement Training Academy but how can I possibly prepare for for it before arriving?

Well here it is in a nutshell-you better prepare for the ride of your life.

The Police Department is a paramilitary organization and the training is such that you are required to be physically and mentally challenged.

Get A Law Enforcement Study Guide

The first thing you will want to do is get a good police academy review guide that will prepare you academically. You will then need to prepare yourself physically. You will want to be able to run 2.0 miles in less than 15 minutes and 30 seconds. This may sound easy, but trust me it is not as easy as you think if you do not prepare in advance.

Physical Fitness Test

You should be running at least three months before the academy begins. You should start with half a mile and work your way up to 2.5 miles. This way you are more than ready to do the 2.0 miles that is required by many academies.

You should be able to do 60+ sit ups in less than 2 minutes. You should be able to do 60+ pushups in the same amount of time. If you can get this down, you are in good shape.

Prepare Yourself Mentally and academically

Your next area of focus should be the mental aspect of the training. Do not arrive thinking you know anything, because you soon learn that you do not. Remember this is a mental game and as soon as you think you know what the rules are, they will change. You will never be able to move fast enough nor think quickly enough.

The name of the game is stress. You will put under an inordinate amount of stress so your reactions can be evaulated. If you are able to cope with this stress then you will succeed much easier than a recruit who cannot.

Control Yourself

The best preparation is to take heed what you can control; being in shape is one thing that you can most certainly control. If you can get the physical stuff out of the way and not stress over that portion of the police academy then you are way ahead of the game.


You will be required to memorize a lot of information while under extreme stress. That is why a police academy preparation guide is vital before going to the academy.

Surviving under stress is what will make you survive in the field as a Police Officer.

So now, start running and stop reading a law enforcement review guide…