Police Oral Board Interview Study Guide

If you want to ensure yourself a place as a top applicant and get hired as a police officer, you must pass the police entrance exam and you must impress the raters during the police oral board interview.

Luckily, there are quite a handful of useful tools that are available today that weren’t available eight years ago when I went through the process. Today there are resource guides available to help police officer prospects prepare for the police entrance exam as well as a Police Oral Interview Study Guide Book to help recruits field tough interview questions.

The applicants who take advantage of these tools presented to them are the ones who are getting top scores on the police oral board interview process. Why? Because they know exactly what questions that they’ll be asked and they are never caught off guard.

I wish I had a police interview prep book available to me back when I was going through the hiring process. It would have certainly helped when the panel asked me the following question…

“You are driving northbound when you notice a red pickup truck speeding. You active your light bar, and stop the vehicle. When you approach the vehicle, you notice the driver was your mother”

What will you do next?

I was kinda caught off guard with that question, but I later responded correctly as I informed the panel that I would not write my own mother a citation. Instead, I would explain to her not to speed anymore and that she is putting me in a bad situation.

That answer really impressed the panel as they knew good and well that no police officer will actually write their own mother a citation.