Police Department Interview Sample Questions

If becoming a police officer was your life-long dream, then you must understand your performance on the police oral board interview is the key to getting hired.  The hiring panel puts more emphasis on how well you do on the oral exam than anything else during the hiring process.

Image having to answer tough hypothetical questions from four or five strangers.  It’s not only nerve-racking it can be a bit intimidating especially when the questions are coming from veteran “poker faced” cops.

Here’s one typical question you should expect to hear from the panel. I want to mention beforehand there are no “right” or “wrong” answers when responding to a question; it’s just that some answers  are better than others.

Police Department Sample Interview Question #1:

“You are running radar when you spot  a blue vehicle traveling 10 miles over the speed limit. You immediately stop the vehicle, and realize that the driver is your mother. What would be your next course of action since the violator is a relative?”

Police Department Interview Explanation:

I’ve seen so many applicants screw this question up mightily. Why? Because they over think the question and as a result they give a response that they think the panel wants to hear.

Here’s a rule of thumb when responding to a question from the oral board panel – ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH. The interview panel don’t expect you to give your own mother a ticket so don’t lie and tell them that you will.

If you get a follow-up question like “So your mother is allowed to break the law?”

You can respond by saying NO, but I certainly won’t issue my own mother a ticket. However, I will tell her not to speed anymore, and explain to her that she is putting me in a bad position.

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