Police Entrance Exam Practice Questions

If you want to become a police officer in the near future there are several exams that you’ll have to successfully pass in order to get hired. One of which is the police officer selection test. The Police Officer Entrance Exam has eight major test categories and each category makes up the sum total of your overall score. If you fail one section of the test, you will fail the entire exam.

In this article, I’m going to discuss some of the test categories that you’ll likely see on the police test. One of which is the basic arithmetic section. Many test takers fail this section not because they cannot add or subtract but because they fail to carefully read the questions.

Here’s just a sample test question that you might see on the basic arithmetic test category. This section consists of you reading a situational event and then you must solve the problem. You won’t be allowed to use a calculator to solve the problem.

Sample Police Test Question #1:

Officer James took a burglary report from the local retail store. The store manager informed Officer James that the following merchandise were stolen including their value:

  1. Sony digital camera $510
  2. Apple laptop computer $550
  3. Computer wireless printer $425
  4. Internet wireless router $225
  5. Apple IPAD computer $500.00

In preparation to type his report, Officer James needs to document the total value of stolen merchandise. What is the total value of stolen goods based on the store manager’s information?


This is just one example of the questions that you may  see on the police officer written test. The basic arithmetic questions above are not very difficult if you carefully read the questions. However, other sections on the test like memory recall, report writing, and situational judgment questions are not as easy. That’s why it’s so important to use a Police Exam Stud Guide as you prepare for the test.