Police Exam Date – Get Advice on the Next Police Test Date

Everyday I check this website’s traffic log to see what people just like you are typing into the search engines like Google to find my website. One search term that’s becoming increasingly popular lately is,  “when is the next police exam date.” Since I’m always looking to help in whatever way I can to assist aspiring police officers, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about this very topic.

First off, you must understand that many departments test quarterly and some test twice a year regardless if there’s an opening or not. If you pass, you’ll simply be placed on an eligibility list for future hire. Other larger departments like NYPD and LAPD test frequently. It’s not hard locating the next police exam date for those two departments. It’s updated on their website almost weekly. I don’t think either of these two departments ever stop accepting applications. The need there is so great they are always looking for more officers.

Now how about other departments?

To find out the next test date for the department in your respective state, I’d recommend contacting the recruiting office for that particular agency. As you will soon learn, police departments don’t always update their website. That’s why it is always a good idea to call the recruitment office directly.

Here’s something else that you can do to find out the next police exam date for your preferred department:

I know this is the age of instant gratification but sometimes the Internet is not your best resource for good information. Instead of checking multiple websites looking for the next police exam date, why not pick up the phone and call the human resource department (do this only if there’s no recruiting department)  for that particular agency? They are  usually more accurate than the website because the webmaster could have forgetten to update the site or publish the wrong date. Trust me, this happens a lot.

Another tip on the police exam date?

Instead of checking the department’s website day after day, why not put on a nice pair of slacks with a button up shirt and head to the department? Once there ask to speak with the person in charge of recruiting or set an appointment.

What to do to prepare for the police written exam

Once you know the next police exam date, using one of the tactics mentioned above, it is time to study for the test. You can study for the written examination using various police exam study guides available online. If you’re not comfortable ordering resources over the internet, head over to your local bookstore and buy one there. Although getting a police exam study guide online is a lot quicker, I understand that some people are still weary of the internet.