Police Exam Examples to Ace the Written Test

The law enforcement profession has become extremely popular over the last couple years as many people are now realizing the private sector is not as secure as it once was. As a result, more and more people are applying to become police officers. You see, people are now looking for the security of government jobs; a career in law enforcement provides that.

The first hurdle many people encounter as they attempt to become cops is the Law Enforcement entrance exam. The recruit written exam is designed to measure problem solving skills, reaction to varied situations, and your level of common sense based on several scenario questions.

I’ve compiled some example questions below that you’ll probably see on the police written exam. The sample questions below are just a guide in terms of what to expect as you prepare for the police exam. It is not intended to be your sole study material as you prepare for the test.

I encourage anyone who is truly serious about becoming a police officer to invest in a police exam study guide. You can  get one at your local library or you can download one by clicking here.

Example Question #1:

1. Officer Betts has just arrived at the scene of a fight between a husband and wife. Two other police officers are already there and are engaged in a fight with the male. Officer Betts pulls out his baton and runs up to help the officers. The wife steps up and swings a broken beer bottle at Officer Betts head. What should he do next?

A. Try to snatch the beer bottle out of her hand and hope he doesn’t get cut.

B. Strike her in a departmentally approved target area so she will drop the bottle.

C. Immediately call for more backup.

D. Dodge her blows and continue on to help the officer being attacked.


The correct answer is B. Police officers are required to subdue combative suspects as quickly and safely as possible. If Officer Betts is in a situation where the baton is an approved weapon and he as well as his fellows officers are in physical danger; he should use his baton. The situation does not change because the attacker is female. No other option is safe or feasible.

Example Question #2:

2. Officers Rudd, Dixon, and Restor responds to a large fight in front of Oscar’s Grill. When they arrive, they see around 10 adult males  in the parking lot punching each other. One of the Officers pulls out his chemical spray. What should he do next?

A. Order the crowd to stop fighting.

B. Warn the other two officers that he’s about to spray the crowd.

C. Warn the crowd that he has pepper spray.

D. Stand downwind of the crowd before spraying.

Here’s The Right Answer Below:

The correct answer is B. According to step 1 in the procedure, the officer should warn the other officers before he takes further action. The officer does want the crowd to stop fighting and will order them to do so, but choice A is step 2. Choice C is not listed as a step, and choice D is not a good answer because the officer will always want to be upwind of pepper spray, not downwind.

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