Police Officer Oral Interview Questions and Answers

Behind every police job interview question, there is a concern that you are not aware of. Your job is to process the question thinking about what the oral board’s concern might be.

In other words, why are the members on the police interview board asking me this question?

Sample Police Interview Question #1

Q: How many police oral exams have you been through and how long have you been looking for a job?

Possible Concern: is there something wrong with you that other employers have picked up?

Response  to question # 1:

“After I was laid off from my last job, I took the opportunity to take some time out to examine my career goals and where I wanted to go with my life. I have just begun my search in the last few months. I have a definite goal in mind and have been selective about the positions I consider. Your agency and this position as a police officer are of great interest to me.”

Sample Police Interview Question #2:

Q: How did you prepare for the police oral board interview?

Possible concern: are you interested enough to do some research on the department, or are you going to “wing it” like so many other recruits?

Response to question #2:

“When I found this position posted on your website I was immediately interested. I checked out the department’s website and mission statement, looked at the bio of the chief of police, and was impressed. Once I had the interview appointment, I talked with people I knew was in law enforcement. And, I’m sure I’ll find out a lot more in today’s meetings.”

Sample Police Interview Question #3:

Q: How do you keep current and informed about your job and the industries that you have worked in?

possible concern: Once you become a police officer will you be motivated to continue to learn and grow – stay challenged and motivated?

Response to question #3:

I pride myself on my ability to stay on top of what is happening in the law enforcement industry. I do a lot of reading – the police section of the newspapers and law enforcement related magazines. I belong to the neighborhood crime watch program in my area.  I take classes and seminars whenever they are offered to citizens by the local PD”

Police Interview Question #4:

Q: Why do you want a police job?

Possible Concern: are you using the shot-gun approach to job search or do you really know what you want?

Sample Response to question #4:

“I’ve been very careful about the agencies where I have applied. When I saw the ad for this position, I knew I found what I was looking for. What I can bring to this job is my seven years of experience, and knowledge of the industry, plus my ability to communicate and build solid relationships. That, along with my flexibility and organizational skills, makes me a perfect match for this position as a patrolmen. I see some challenges ahead of as a police officer, and that’s what I thrive on. I have what you need, and you have what I want.”


There is no way you can accurately predict the questions that will be asked by the police interview panel, but you can be ready and prepared by thinking about the factors that might concern the panel before the interview.