Police Officer Selection Test Study Guide

If you want to become a police officer without having to take the entrance examination over and over again before passing it, then I suggest you invest in a Police Officer Selection Test Study Guide. A police exam study guide is extremely valuable if you want to be well prepared for the entrance test.

You do have the option of taking the exam without a study guide, but over 30% of all prospects fail the test their first time through. So, why not assure yourself a passing score by getting a comprehensive police exam self study guide?

The question seems to be not if a police officer exam guide can help a person prepare for the test, but where someone get a good one.

Good question.

There are some police exam self study guides out there that are outdated. Here’s a rule of thumb to follow. Any police officer selection guide that was published before 2002 isn’t any good nowadays. Below I’ve listed where and how to find a reputable guide for the police officer test.


There are several ways to get a police officer exam guide. One quick and easy way to get one is to simply ask your recruiter. If they don’t have one, I’m sure they can guide you to the right place.


Another option in terms of getting a law enforcement exam study guide is to get one through your local bookstore. Bookstores are always stocked with police exam preparation guides. If they are out, normally they can order one for you.

Local Library

The library is another option, but the thing with libraries is sometimes they have hand me down books, meaning the books aren’t always up to date. Remember what I said if the book is published before 2002 it probably won’t help you.


If you cannot get a police exam preparation guide from your recruiter, than the next best thing is to get one over the Internet. The great thing about the Internet is that you can review testimonial from people who have already read the book, and then you can make a sound decision on rather you want to move forward with the purchase of the book or not.

I hope this article was able to shine some light on how to go about getting a  Police Officer Selection Test Study Guide.