Police Officer Written Exam Sample Test Questions

The police written test will vary throughout the country. Some police agencies rent the written test from companies like Stanard & Associates who specialize in the police entrance test, while other agencies have written tests provided to them by state run organizations such as POST (Peace Officer Standards & Training). Still, countless municipalities with smaller budgets write their own.

In the days and weeks prior to taking the written test, it is imperative to study. This is one phase of the process you will have the opportunity to prepare, so don’t cut yourself short. A little preparation will help you excel over your competition.

In this article, I have attached a sample  test question to help you prepare for the police officer exam. Use good common sense in the simulated event below to come up with the right answer.

Police Officer Written Exam Sample Test Question:

1. While on routine patrol, Officer Smith was radioed about a robbery that just took place at the downtown fair. The suspect’s description was said to be a white male, long dark hair, brown eyes, and wearing a navy blue wind-breaker jacket. The suspect was also said to have a thick dark mustache, and walks with a slight limp. six hours later, Officer Smith spots  4 white males matching the description, but he is not sure which of the four committed the robbery.

Which tip would you consider to be more helpful in identifying the suspect.

A. The suspect was said to have dark hair.

B. The suspect walked with a limp.

C. The suspect was described as wearing a navy blue wind-breaker jacket.

D. The suspect has a thick mustache.

The correct answer to this question would be B. Someone who limps is not a sight you see often, and is an unusual feature. So if the suspect was identifed as having a limp, this characteristic would be the most helpful tip in identifying the suspect.

The other answers just don’t measure up as far as being the most important information in identifying the suspect. For example, the suspect could shave his mustache, cut his hair, or change clothes.

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