Police Oral Board Answers

Police Oral Board Answers

If you are going to be successful during your police oral board interview, you must prepare some of your answers to commonly asked questions. There is nothing wrong with preparing your answers before facing the interview panel, but there is something wrong if your answers sound robotic and rehearsed. As long as you don’t sound like you are reading from a piece of paper, you should be fine.

Here’s an example of one question you’ll definitely hear during your oral board interview. Mind you the panel does not necessary have a set “right” or “wrong” answer written somewhere. Nevertheless,  some answers are better than others.


1) You’re working traffic prevention when you notice a red vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. You immediately active your light bar and stop the vehicle. When you approach the driver you realize that it’s your mother.

What is your next course of action since the violator is your mother?

Correct Answer:

First know, this question is not a set up question, meaning the panel is not trying to trick you. In fact, the panel wants to see if you will be honest and not tell them what you think they want to hear.

The panel know good, and well that you would not issue your mother a citation in a real world situation so don’t lie and tell them that you will.  A good answer would be: I would certainly not issue my own mother a citation, but I would instruct her not to speed anymore, and that she is putting me in a bad position.

This answer is right on target for that particular question. Your answer shouldn’t change if the violator was your brother or sister. I hope this helps as you prepare for your oral board exam.