Police Oral Review Board Questions – Get Interview Answers

While we wait for the economy to bounce back, law enforcement agencies around the country are being bombarded with employment applications from people seeking the security of government jobs. With so many applicants, the police review board interview has become even more important.

In many instances, the police panel interview is the last chance you’ll have to sell yourself to the hiring panel. If you do poorly in the interview during this phase of the selection process, don’t expect to get hired.

Here are some tips for the police officer interview review board:

During the law enforcement oral board interview, always listen carefully to the question, ask for clarification if necessary, and make sure you answer the question completely. Your interview preparation should include identifying examples of situations from your experiences that you’ve displayed the ability to work with others as well as demonstrate your ability to lead (I reveal how to do this in great detail in my police oral board interview secrets e-book).

Use the  Star Technique:

When answering behavioral and/or situational questions from the panel, use the STAR method and convey specific situations, actions, and outcomes/results.

  • Situation- Use specific details about a situation or task.
  • Task- Tell what led to the situation or task?
  • Action- Take and discuss what you did and who was involved?
  • Result- or outcome communicate the outcome?

For sample police oral review board questions, download the police interview success guide. You’ll learn frequently asked police interview questions, and common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.