Police Physical assessment test – How To Prepare For It

Successful candidates who are lucky enough to get hired must continue working out because the police academy is up next. Normally, the police fitness and  the civil service examination are the first tests you’ll take.  Police applicants are encouraged to follow a police specific workout program to get ready for the fitness test. If you are overweight, follow a good nutrition program as well as fat loss plan designed for police officers.

Here are some of the exercises you must successfully complete  in order to pass the Police Assessment Test:

Push Up

A correct push up is performed with your body in a straight line, feet approximately 12 inches apart, and hands about shoulder length apart. In the down position, you must go down far enough to where your chest is about four inches from the ground. In the up position, your arms must be fully extended.

Push ups done on your knees will not be counted. The only two rest positions are sagging in the middle or raising the buttocks. Your hands and feet must be the only points of contact with the ground. If you raise either hand or either foot your performance will be terminated.

Sit Up

A correct sit up is performed with another person holding your feet – no other method of bracing is allowed. The starting position will be flat on your back with your knees bent at a 45 degree angle. You must raise your upper body until the base of your neck is directly over the base of your spine. Do not pull on your neck as this may cause long lasting spinal injury.

The only authorized rest position is in the up position. If you rest flat on your back your performance will be terminated.


Complete a 300 meter run.

Complete a 1.5 mile run.

Sometimes candidates ask, “What is the minimum score to pass?” The Los Angeles School Police Department will not hire candidates who are only interested in performing to minimum standards. This mindset will become immediately apparent when the candidate fails the PAT and is subsequently disqualified.

Push yourself to do the best you can and experience a sense of pride and accomplishment at being better than others. Police Officers are bound by a sworn Code of Ethics to set the example for the rest of society to follow. This is the time to start setting that example.

If you want to get ultra lean for the police agility test, try following a police officer nutrition plan and workout program.