Police Physical Fitness Standards

When you decided to become a police officer, I bet you didn’t realize how long, and boring the selection process would be. The police officer hiring process is long at every department across the country. In fact, if you apply to a federal agency the process is even longer.

Why  does the process take so long?

Law enforcement agencies want to make certain that they know everything about a potential police recruit before they are offered the position. The last thing the administration want to do is higher a prospect that has mental issues or pose a threat to the integrity of the badge.

Other things that take up time during the selection process is the physical fitness test. The police officer fitness standards are pretty similar nationwide. Some departments may have a different way of testing, but the evaluation of a potential candidate is the same.  Let’s look at the 300 meter run. This is a pretty common test given by law enforcement agencies.

The 300m run is a long sprint test and a test of anaerobic capacity. T is important for performing short, intense bursts of effort.

  • Purpose: to measure your anaerobic capacity in the event of a foot pursuit.
  • Equipment required  when training for this test: oval or running track, stopwatch, and marker cones placed around the course (optional).
  • Procedure: The aim of this test is to complete 300 meters in the quickest possible time. Ensure that a good warm-up is conducted before the test, including a jog, stretches, and some short sprints. To start, all participants line up behind the starting line. On the command ‘go’, the clock will start, and they will begin running.
  • Scoring: The total time taken to run 300m is recorded, to the nearest tenth of a second. The table below lists ratings for the test for adult male applicants.
Rating Time (seconds)
poor > 77
below average 71.1 – 77
average 65.1 – 71
above average 59.1 – 65
good 54.1 – 59
very good 48 – 54
excellent < 48

How to Prepare for the Police Fitness Standards (300 meter run)

To be quite honest with you, the 300 meter sprint is not a hard test to pass if you train for about 2-3 months in advance (3 months out is preferred for maximum results).  In fact, if you follow the progress chart in my law enforcement focused, Fit For Duty Workout Program, you will get into shape fast and sail through the fitness test.

Below are the top cities sorted by rank I believe have arguably the toughest fitness standards for police applicants. You can click on your state or city if it’s listed to download a workout routine:

Rank City State
1 New York New York
2 Los Angeles California
3 Chicago Illinois
4 Houston Texas
5 Phoenix Arizona
6 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
7 San Antonio Texas
8 San Diego California
9 Dallas Texas
10 San Jose California
11 Detroit Michigan
12 San Francisco California
13 Jacksonville Florida
14 Indianapolis Indiana
15 Austin Texas
16 Columbus Ohio
17 Fort Worth Texas
18 Charlotte North Carolina
19 Memphis Tennessee
20 Boston Massachusetts
21 Baltimore Maryland
22 El Paso Texas
23 Seattle Washington
24 Denver Colorado
25 Nashville Tennessee
26 Milwaukee Wisconsin
27 Washington District of Columbia
28 Las Vegas Nevada
29 Louisville Kentucky
30 Portland Oregon
31 Oklahoma City Oklahoma
32 Tucson Arizona
33 Atlanta Georgia
34 Albuquerque New Mexico
35 Kansas City Missouri
36 Fresno California
37 Mesa Arizona
38 Sacramento California
39 Long Beach California
40 Omaha Nebraska
41 Virginia Beach Virginia
42 Miami Florida
43 Cleveland Ohio
44 Oakland California
45 Raleigh North Carolina
46 Colorado Springs Colorado
47 Tulsa Oklahoma
48 Minneapolis Minnesota
49 Arlington Texas
50 Honolulu Hawaii
51 Wichita Kansas
52 St. Louis Missouri
53 New Orleans Louisiana
54 Tampa Florida
55 Santa Ana California
56 Anaheim California
57 Cincinnati Ohio
58 Bakersfield California
59 Aurora Colorado
60 Toledo Ohio
61 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
62 Riverside California
63 Lexington Kentucky
64 Stockton California
65 Corpus Christi Texas
66 Anchorage Alaska
67 St. Paul Minnesota
68 Newark New Jersey
69 Plano Texas
70 Buffalo New York
71 Henderson Nevada
72 Fort Wayne Indiana
73 Greensboro North Carolina
74 Lincoln Nebraska
75 Glendale Arizona
76 Chandler Arizona
77 St. Petersburg Florida
78 Jersey City New Jersey
79 Scottsdale Arizona
80 Orlando Florida
81 Madison Wisconsin
82 Norfolk Virginia
83 Birmingham Alabama
84 Winston-Salem North Carolina
85 Durham North Carolina
86 Laredo Texas
87 Lubbock Texas
88 Baton Rouge Louisiana
89 North Las Vegas Nevada
90 Chula Vista California
91 Chesapeake Virginia
92 Gilbert Arizona
93 Garland Texas
94 Reno Nevada
95 Hialeah Florida
96 Arlington Virginia
97 Irvine California
98 Rochester New York
99 Akron Ohio
100 Boise Idaho
101 Irving Texas
102 Fremont California
103 Richmond Virginia
104 Spokane Washington
105 Modesto California
106 Montgomery Alabama
107 Yonkers New York
108 Des Moines Iowa
109 Tacoma Washington
110 Shreveport Louisiana
111 San Bernardino California
112 Fayetteville North Carolina
113 Glendale California
114 Augusta Georgia
115 Grand Rapids Michigan
116 Huntington Beach California
117 Mobile Alabama
118 Newport News Virginia
119 Little Rock Arkansas
120 Moreno Valley California
121 Columbus Georgia
122 Amarillo Texas
123 Fontana California
124 Oxnard California
125 Knoxville Tennessee
126 Fort Lauderdale Florida
127 Salt Lake City Utah
128 Worcester Massachusetts
129 Huntsville Alabama
130 Tempe Arizona
131 Brownsville Texas
132 Jackson Mississippi
133 Overland Park Kansas
134 Aurora Illinois
135 Oceanside California
136 Tallahassee Florida
137 Providence Rhode Island
138 Rancho Cucamonga California
139 Ontario California
140 Chattanooga Tennessee
141 Santa Clarita California
142 Garden Grove California
143 Vancouver Washington
144 Grand Prairie Texas
145 Peoria Arizona
146 Sioux Falls South Dakota
147 Springfield Missouri
148 Santa Rosa California
149 Rockford Illinois
150 Springfield Massachusetts
151 Salem Oregon
152 Port St. Lucie Florida
153 Cape Coral Florida
154 Dayton Ohio
155 Eugene Oregon
156 Pomona California
157 Corona California
158 Alexandria Virginia