How to Properly Train For The Police Officer Physical Fitness Test

When most potential police candidates think of a workout routine to train for the police agility test, they always think of steady, slow cardio training. Research shows that cardio is not the best way to get into shape or lose weight. In fact, it’s almost a complete waste of time.

My police specific workout routine doesn’t use cardio but rather  high intensity interval training instead. If you have ever played sports, you’ve experienced the rush of interval training. Unlike the boring cardio programs you see everyone doing at the gym, interval training is fast, fun, and effective.

Anyone can do interval training, since my Fit For Duty Workout System was designed for police recruits in mind, I understand that not everybody is on the same fitness level. For that reason, I  make it easier for beginners and more difficult for advanced police prospects. You want a workout routine that gets tougher over time because once you get to the police academy,  the physical challenges are extremely tough.  Because of this I prefer interval training exercises (found in the fit for duty workout plan) for police recruits instead of the traditional slow and boring cardio workouts.

The best police workout techniques are not just restricted to exercise. In fact, diet is a more powerful tool for getting yourself in shape than any exercise program. What you need to do is make a few simple changes in your diet and you’ll lose improve your conditioning and lose weight.

The biggest change you need to make is to eliminate processed carbohydrates. This means stop eating anything from a bag or a box because those foods increase sugar intake and increase the insulin hormone levels in your body. Insulin is a fat storage hormone and stops you from getting into the best shape of your life just in time for the police physical fitness test.

Hope this article was of help!