Practice Police Test – Online Police Officer written exam

The police officer recruit entry test was designed to measure a potential applicant’s readiness to be a police officer through varies “real life” scenario questions. Some recruits do well on the test, while others fail miserably. This article will provide some valuable insight, as well as online practice questions on how to pass the test.

About the police officer test:

The police recruitment test usually consist of 6-8 major test categories, which includes and not limited to math, grammar, reading comprehension, report writing and etc. The test also measures a variety of other skills, abilities, and aptitudes. These include:

  • your ability to use good judgment and solve problems
  • your motivation, interest, and preparation for the job
  • your communication skills
  • your ability to work with a variety of people
  • other skills and aptitudes

Online Police Officer Situational Test Questions:

The test contains various situations that are based on typical and everyday experiences that are common across age, gender, ethnicity, religion, region, or other background or experience. However, not all experiences will be common to everyone.

If a particular situation is not familiar to you, try to place yourself in the situation as much as possible, by thinking about experiences you have had that are similar. The test does not require any prior Law Enforcement knowledge or experience.

Practice Questions

Some of the questions will focus on what your immediate response will be to certain situations. Here’s a quick look on what the questions will look like:

When you are talking to someone who has recently been involved in a dangerous situation, such as a car accident, it is better to:

1) Get her to focus on the facts of what happened, rather than talking about her feelings.

2) Allow her to talk about her feelings while she is describing what happened.


2. When a co-worker is having personal problems that are affecting his ability to get his work done, it is better to:

1) Encourage him to tell you about his problems so that you can help him.
2) Let him know that you would be willing to take some of his work if it would help.
3) Not discuss personal problems at work, and let him work it out for himself.
4) Encourage him to talk to someone who can help him solve his problems.

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