Riverside County Sheriff Exam – Police Exam Study Guide

Are you looking for a police exam study guide to help you prepare for the Riverside County entrance exam? If so, please keep reading.

Whether you want to be a city police officer or a deputy sheriff  for the county of Riverside, there is one task you must accomplish before either can happen; you must pass the entrance exam. The police officer exam and/or the deputy sheriff written test is designed to locate qualified applicants and eliminate those that aren’t as qualified.

In my opinion, it is a good entry level assessment test that filters out around 30%-50% of prospective candidates who wouldn’t make good cops. The test is a good way to measure a potential recruit’s judgment and reasoning capabilities. If they are lacking in that area, they will struggle mightily on the Riverside county written exam.

I must now appeal to those who fail the exam.  Many of those candidates who fail the test would have otherwise make good police officers, but because they did not  study for the exam, they failed. Some recruits are book smart and will sail through the test without any problems, while others who aren’t as fortunate will fail. I was one of those who had to study for the police test because academics did not come easy to me. That’s why I’m a big fan of a police exam study guide. It will help you immensely and save you from retaking the test.

Here are the benefits of a police exam study guide:

  • Access to Practice Police Exams – It is time to stop guessing and find out what questions are on the exam.
  • Exact topics on the exam and Their Purpose – Getting the right answer is easier when you know what they want to hear
  • How to Answer Trap Questions – Every exam will throw in questions to destroy momentum and disqualify you. Learn how to identify them and answer them.
  • In Depth Analysis of the Toughest Questions – Instead of just getting an answer key, you’re going to get a full analysis.
  • And Much, Much, More

The Riverside Sheriff Department won’t allow you to move forward in the selection process until you pass the written exam. If you fail the test, you will have to wait 6-12 months until you can retake it. Don’t get discouraged if you fail the test your first time because I know of some police officers (not from riverside county) that had to retake the test several times before they got a qualifying score.

The Riverside Sheriff Department is a great agency to work for. Don’t show up on your test date ill-prepared. If you do, you will miss out on a golden opportunity.  I hope this article has helped in some way. Thanks!