State Trooper Exam Tips

Whether you want to become a state trooper, local police officer, or a sheriff deputy, there is one thing that you’ll have to do first in order to get the job – you must pass the written entrance exam. The state police exam was created to filter out unqualified applicants. Years ago, the only requirements to become a state trooper were you had to be at least 21, have a clean record,  have a high school diploma, at least 6 foot tall, and have a superior physical build.

Nowadays with equal employment in full swing, the emphasis has now switched from your physical appearance to the test score. If you don’t get a satisfactory score on the state trooper test, you’ll be disqualified and have to wait at least 6 months to a year before you can re-apply. If you want to avoid this scenario, I suggest that you start preparing PRONTO by investing in a reputable police exam study guide.

There are some simple things you can do right now to help yourself not only prepare for the exam, but to become a knowledgeable recruit as well. First, you can teach yourself the semi tractor trailer laws since you will come in contact with numerous truckers during your career. Things like speeding and going left of center are fairly easy to spot but other traffic violations such as improper or fake hazmat decals and other issues are not as simple to identify.  You can  obtain all the requirements for a semi tractor trailer vehicle by going to the nearest license branch or visiting your state’s website.

Something else you can do is try to remember the description of people you come in contact with at the grocery store or anywhere for that matter. Also, start being more observant while driving; make a mental note of the make and model of the vehicles that pass you on the road. This will come in handy during the memorization section of the state trooper exam.