Ventura County Sheriff Department Exam Test Questions

If you want to become a deputy sheriff for Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, let me be the first one to tell you it is not going to be easy. The competition will be stiff with plenty of candidates vying for the same position. If you’re one of the lucky few to be selected and subsequently sent to the Ventura County Training Academy , it will be all worth it though.


The Ventura County Sheriff Department is a good agency to work for. They provide a great package if you’re hired, which includes medical and dental benefits, paid vacation, retirement plan, and a competitive salary for probationary officers. The money you can make with this department working overtime details and other police related side jobs are countless.

Before we go any further, you must know there are quite a few hurdles that can potentially impede your progress. Once of which is the Deputy Sheriff Written Exam. The police exam is not a walk in the park, especially with the Ventura County exam. In fact, the police entrance exam is as tough as it gets. That’s why I’ve always encouraged candidates to study up for the test using a police exam Study guide.

If you fail the written exam, you’ll typically have to wait at least 6 months to a year until you can retake the exam. That is why it is so important to pass it the first time around.

For those who are thinking about becoming a Deputy Sheriff for Ventura County, I’ve designed a sample practice test question below to help you prepare. As you read the scenario question below, use common good sense to come up with the correct answer.

Police Exam Sample Test Question#1:

1. While on patrol, Officer Smith was radioed about a theft that just occurred at the local dance hall. The witnesses described the suspect as being a white male, long brown hair, blue eyes, and wearing a dark sports jacket. The suspect was also said to have a mustache and missing  three fingers on his left hand. Seven hours into Officer Smith’s shift, he spots a vehicle  occupied by three white males matching the description. He immediately stops the vehicle.

Officer Smith believes that one of the subjects inside the car is the suspect but he is not completely sure. Which information provided by witnesses are the most helpful tip in identifying the suspect.

A. The suspect was described as having long dark hair.

B. The suspect was described to be missing three fingers.

C. The suspect was wearing a navy blue sports jacket.

D. The subject was said to have a mustache.

The correct answer to this sample test question is B. Someone who has three missing fingers is unusual. This means it is not something that you’ll normally see everyday.  So if the suspect was identified as having three missing fingers, then that characteristic would be the most helpful tip in identifying the suspect.

The other answers don’t cut it, especially after seven hours have lapsed between the commission of the crime and the time he was spotted. For instance, the suspect has enough time to shave his mustache, cut his hair, and change clothes.

I hope this article has helped in some way.