Lessons I Learned At the Police Officer Training Academy

#1) One of the biggest factors for success in life is the confidence you have in yourself, and the determination that you will succeed no matter what. The academy was tough but I told myself that giving up was not an option.

I realized then, if you really wanted something in life, whether it is losing weight or finding a job, if you stay the course and don’t quit, you’ll eventually get there.

#2) You will be a better recruit and have more success at the police academy if you make an effort to build strong relationships with other recruits there, especially those who will always challenge you to reach your peak potential. The academy is not the time to be a loner.

#3) DON’T QUIT! My very first day at the police academy, several recruits got scared off. In fact, a couple guys even snuck out the dormitory late at night so no one would see them leave…Wimps!

I hope this article has been helpful and please re-read the first two tips I posted above to get you in the right mindset if you’re thinking about giving up.

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