Where To Listen To Local Police Radio Feeds Free

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Are you one of those people who like to listen to a police scanner? If you are, you may have a police scanner. By having a police scanner, you can listen to police, emergency, rescue, and many other scans. But what if you don’t own a police scanner? You can still get live police scans. How? You can get them by listening to live police feeds online. With the ability of people getting and using any kind of media online, there is now the possibility of listening to live police feeds online.

How can you find live police feeds online? There are many websites that provide such live policed feeds online. You just have to go to the site and tap into it. As long as you have a solid Internet connection and the time, you can get any live police feed online you want. It is just a matter of deciding what website to go to and what feed to listen to.

Websites That Allow You To Listen To Local Police Radio Feeds For Free

The first place you can go to for live police feeds online is Police Scanner Live (http://police-scanner-live.com/). With this site, you can listen to the police feeds of any city across the nation. You can listen to feeds from the Las Vegas Police, Chicago Police, Orlando FL Police, and so many others. You may need to install a plugin, if you use Firefox. When you scroll down the page, you will see a list of states. Just click on one and you can get feeds from that state.

The next website you can find live police feeds online will be tunein.com (http://tunein.com/radio/Police-g2741/). Here you can listen in to many NYC and NJ live police scans. It doesn’t matter what police station you want to listen to, you can find it here. Examples of police stations in NYC are Mid-town, Bronxdale, Bayside, and Staten Island. Some of the areas of NJ include Newark, Clifton, Paterson, and Ridgewood.

Free Police Radio Scanners

You can also go to Police-Scanner.info (http://www.police-scanner.info/live-police-scanners.htm). You will find this site offers audio feeds of police scans. This site has live police feeds from every city in the nation. You just have to click on a city and you will be taken to a page where you can click on a police feed.

One of the best websites for live police feeds is Radio Reference (http://www.radioreference.com). In fact, Radio Reference is actually rated as the best site for live police feeds online. They are referred to by many police scanner listeners and operators. When you go to the site, you’ll see why they are rated number one with police feeds.

It used to be that you need a police scanner to hear police, emergency, or rescue traffic. Not anymore. You can easily get them online by going to one of the websites mentioned in this article. If you have a passion for listening to police scans, you now have the option of listening to them on a police scanner or online.