Where to Listen to Police Scanners Online

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For those of you who know about it, police scanning is a hobby that is practiced on a regular basis. Some people listen to police scanners to hear police talking back and forth. Some do it to hear of any fires in the area. Emergency personnel listen in so they can respond if there is an emergency nearby.

The media often listen to police scanners as well, so they know where breaking news may be. This way they can get there to cover the story. Police usually use 155.625 on the FM dial. Dispatchers use this signal to communicate with police car radios. With a police scanner, you are able to listen to many channels.

Listen To Free Police Scanners

For those of you who love using police scanners, but don’t own one, you can still get to enjoy the satisfaction of listening to a police scanner. There are places online you can go to that provide you with the ability to listen to police scanners.

One such place is at Live Police Scanner Audio Feeds. This website can be found by going to http://www.police-scanner.info/live-police-scanners.htm. Once you get to the site, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a listing of audio feeds. There will be a section for the latest live police scanner audio feeds. Scrolling down further, you will find the live police scanner audio feed database.

Hear Live Police Feeds Online

Another place where you can listen to police scanner audio feeds is Radio Reference. The website is www.radioreference.com. When you go to Radio Reference, you can locate audio feeds from any state in the country. Just pick the place on the map and a page will show where you can choose the county. After that, just decide on the audio feed. You can also look for audio feeds based on top feeds, new feeds, or official feeds.

Online Police Codes

It doesn’t matter which website you go to for your police scanning pleasure, you will hear language that will seem strange to you. It is because of this language or coding, you should learn that language so you will be able to understand what is being said.

Go to https://outsidethebadge.com/uncategorized/free-live-police-scanner-listen-to-police-scanners and scroll down the page. You will see a list of codes. Maybe you can print out the list.

Find Law Enforcement Radio Feeds

Those who listen to police scanners are varied. You will find that many people like to listen to a radio scanner like hobbyist, emergency aid, and police in other counties. If you are into listening to a police scanner, and you don’t have the money to afford a police scanner, just go online to Radio Reference or Police Scanner Info and listen to audio feeds.

There are feeds from every place in the country. You just have to choose the state and county or city and pick the audio feeds. You’ll be able to hear actual police conversations, emergency vehicles, and many other types of communications. Police scanners are used for many reasons. Now with the Internet, you aren’t confined to just police scanners.