The Top 10 Reasons to Become a Police Officer

Why It’s Great to Work as a Police Officer and Why it’s a Good Thing

We live in a world where are constantly exposed to the negative aspects of working in law enforcement. It’s time to shed some light on all the awesome benefits of being a cop. While choosing to be an officer may be done with selfless and pragmatic intentions, there are many benefits to being employed in law enforcement and it can even be enjoyable. The job pays well as offers potential for advancement along with employee benefits.

It’s a rewarding profession and gives you the opportunity to help and provide safety to members of the community. You can really change lives as a police officer. It’s not all serious though and can provide a lot of excitement as well. If you’ve been considering getting into law enforcement or if you’re part of the police force already and need a bit of reassurance than check out these top 10 reasons to be a cop.

1. The Adrenaline 

While cops aren’t constantly involved in “as seen on TV” style police chases, it does happen. Cops experience many adrenaline-fueled moments on the job and while they are exhilarating, they can also be scary. If an officer is called onto one of these jobs, they must remain calm even during high-intensity situations. They are dealing with unstable criminals and the sensitivity of the scenario means that cops need to keep a level head. There’s a great sense of achievement from handling these crazy moments with professionalism and solving the problem without further incident. 

2. The Fellowship

Cops stick together. That’s a fact. There is a sense of camaraderie within the police force and cops are known to have each other’s backs. There is a stigma that the system is corrupt as cops think they are somehow above the law and don’t have to follow the rules themselves. This is rarely the case and there is amazing companionship to be gained from being part of the force. 

Being a cop is tough, physically and mentally. It is hard to comprehend unless you have experience it yourself. Being a police officer gives you the opportunity to find fellowship with others in the same profession who understand what you deal with on a daily basis. They will become like a family and always have your back when you need it. 

3. The Vehicles

The police car. Everyone’s seen one and everyone wants to drive one. Many law enforcement agencies give their officers cars of their own that they can keep at home. This offers the benefit of being able to jump on a call when needed straight out of your house. 

Some agencies do use pools and therefore you may not have your own, but you will still get to drive around in style and catch looks from everyone as you go by. Police cars are a lot more interesting to drive than regular vehicles. 

4. Gun Belt

We all wonder what crazy tools are in the belt around an officer’s waist. When wearing this belt, an officer has quick access to a plethora of useful items should the situation arise. They typically hold stun guns (or tasers), handcuffs, flashlights, telescopic baton and large magazines.   

5. The Chance to Make a Difference

The ability you have as an officer to be able to truly make a difference is incredibly rewarding. The feeling is unparalleled to know that you’ve improved somebodies day. Most times officers are called to the scene it is for a bad reason. Someone has experienced a negative situation and cops can either make the situation better or worse by their reaction. 

Maybe you were in a car crash, had something stolen from you or are simply broken down on the side of the road. Regardless of the situation you are in, dealing with a compassionate officer who is respectful can have a major effect on the experience of everyone involved. Most cops chose that career path to help people, though it seems to be sometimes forgotten.

6. The Accountability 

We all want to be relevant and live a meaningful existence. Our jobs give us an opportunity to do something that achieves that. As a police officer, you have responsibilities to uphold and are looked up to in the community. It is a heavy burden to carry but with that accountability comes a lot of fulfillment. 

7. To Keep People Safe and Protected

We’ve all seen the headlines. On a daily basis cops are protecting people from harm at the risk of their own well-being. Many lives are saved by police officers in many different situations.

Some are obvious, like catching a shooter before he has the chance to fire his gun. But more often than that are the inadvertent ways cops prevent danger from occurring in the first place. An example could be ticketing a speedy driver, who in turn drives more safely, preventing future accidents. Or maybe they catch someone trying to break into a house who had intent to assault or worse. Sometimes, things that seem insignificant actually make a major impact. 

8.  The Power

Being a police officer comes with a certain feeling of power. Giving someone a command and having them actually do it gives them a sense of authority. This authority, when used the wrong way, can cause problems. But if utilized correctly and towards the greater good, it can be helpful. 

9.  The Leadership 

Many people dislike police officers, up to when they are faced with a situation where they’re needed. Regardless, cops are often looked to as leaders in the community, within their friend groups and in their families. It can be difficult for some to cope with this pressure but for others, they take pride in leading people. 

10. Personal Growth

Police officers are constantly learning and growing, physically and mentally. Whether it’s intense defensive training or learning driving skills, there is always more knowledge to be gained. Since there is so much physical training, police officers are constantly working out and building strength in their bodies. On top of that, they get to learn a whole load of new skills like operating firearms, tactics and first aid. Ideally, some of these skills will not need to be used in the field, but it’s good to be properly trained in case they are needed. At least if they’re training, it means they aren’t sat in the office.