11+ Best Hunting Arrows of 2024: A Detailed Review

11+ Best Hunting Arrows of 2024: A Detailed Review

Choosing the right hunting arrows is crucial and depends heavily on one’s personal hunting approach, bow configuration, and the specific game being targeted.

As archers gain experience, they come to understand the critical role that choosing the right arrow plays. It can be overwhelmingly complex, but this guide aims to simplify the process.

Below, a list of top arrow recommendations for the fall hunting season of 2024 is compiled, covering various needs and budgets.

Our Picks of The Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

Victory Archery VAP Elite Arrows with Blazer Vanes…
  • Ultra-small diameter shaft designed for accuracy and penetration
  • ICE coating
Gold Tip Hunter Arrows with Raptor Vane (Pack of…
  • Popular choice for the budget minded archer who needs a tough arrow
  • Straightness tolerance: +-.006″
Easton Archery Axis 4MM 340 Arrows – Long Ranfge…
Black Eagle X-Impact Shafts – .001″ Dozen – 500
  • Spine: 500 * Inner Diameter: .165″ * Outer Diameter: .214″ * GPI: 5.8
Carbon Express Maxima Triad 12 PK Shaft, 350,…
  • REDZONE TECHNOLOGY: Featuring Carbon Expresses exclusive REDZONE Technology, the Patented three spine arrow shaft creates less than 1/3 the oscillation of single spine arrows and FOUR TIMES THE ACCURACY for easier tuning and unprecedented accuracy.
  • EXTRA SMALL DIAMETER: Tri-Spine XSD .166” arrow provides ultimate penetration and knockdown power with significant reduction in crosswind drift. ITEM SPECS: Size 350, Spine .350”, Outside Diameter .246″, Length 32”, Weight 10.1 GPI, 12 Pack Shafts.
Gold Tip Velocity PRO 300 Arrows with 2-Inch…
  • Country Of Origin: Mexico
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
Victory Archery RIP SS 0.204″ Small Diameter…
  • Includes: 50gr SHOK TL Aluminum Insert & 8gr IP Nocks
  • 0.204 Series: Small Diameter Hunting Arrow consists of 100% Carbon Fiber and Stainless-Steel Construction for Maximum Speed and Penetration with Less Wind Deflection

Top Choice for Hunting Arrows

Victory VAP TKO Elite Arrows

Victory Archery VAP Elite Shafts (One Dozen),…
  • Ultra-small diameter shaft designed for accuracy and penetration
  • ICE coating finish
  • Spine indexed


  • Material: 100% carbon
  • Outside diameter: 0.166 inches
  • Spines available: 300, 350, 400

Highlights of the Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

  • Excellent penetration
  • Easily removable from targets
  • Exceptional performance in windy conditions


  • The standard inserts could be better

Product Overview The Victory VAP TKO, priced at $180, excels in all aspects, making it suitable for hunting large game across North America. Featuring a micro-diameter (0.166 inches) and crafted using Maxxke Technology for enhanced 3K carbon weave, this improves flight recovery and reduces torque.

Available in 300, 350, and 400 spines, these arrows are digitally aligned for spine consistency, ensuring superior accuracy. They are also 100% hand-fletched with Blazer vanes and include a 50-grain Shok TL aluminum insert and an 8-grain IP nock.

Most Affordable Hunting Arrow

Gold Tip Hunter

Gold Tip Hunter Pro Arrow Shafts (Pack of 12),…
  • Unmatched durability with tight tolerances
  • Straightness tolerance: +-.001″
  • Weight tolerance: +-.5 gr


  • Material: Carbon
  • Outside diameter: 0.246 inches
  • Spines available: 300, 340, 400, 500

Highlights of the Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

  • Economically priced
  • Widely available
  • High-performance


  • No micro diameter option available

Product Overview The Gold Tip Hunter, retailing for $54, offers high quality at an affordable price. It is a midweight carbon arrow with a diameter of 0.246 inches, inspired by the original design that established Gold Tip’s reputation. It comes with a straightness tolerance of 0.006 inches and spine options of 500, 400, 340, and 300. Each arrow includes a GT nock and an Accu-lite insert that is specific to the spine.

Best Arrow for Deer Hunting

Easton x10 Parallel Pro

Easton X10 Shafts 1 Doz. Black, 450
  • Polished Black carbon finish
  • Barreled design
  • Compact design


  • Material: Carbon with a 7075 alloy core
  • Outside diameter: 0.236 inches (300 spine)
  • Spines available: 250, 300, 350, 380, 420, 470, 520, 570, 610, 660, 710, 810, 880, 1000, 1150

Highlights of the Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

  • Exceptionally tight tolerances for supreme accuracy
  • Lightweight design
  • Broad range of spine options


  • High cost

Product Overview The Easton x10 Parallel Pro is deemed the ultimate arrow for a successful deer season. With over a century of expertise, Easton’s 4mm x10 Parallel Pro features a micro-diameter carbon body with a 7075 aluminum core. Available in 15 spine variations, this arrow boasts a straightness tolerance of .001 inches and a weight tolerance of +/- 0.5 grains. While sold separately from components, it is compatible with Easton’s 4mm accessories.

Easton’s rigorous tolerance standards include a 5-point straightness check, ensuring unparalleled precision and accuracy. The broad range of spine options guarantees a perfect match for any bow setup, significantly enhancing performance.

Premier Arrow for Elk Hunting

Day Six HD

Easton Archery 6.5 ACU-Carbon Arrows – Match Grade…
  • Size – 500
  • Match Grade ±.001″
  • Vanes Color May Differ From Picture


  • Material: Carbon
  • Outside diameter: 0.253 inches (300 spine)
  • Spines available: 250, 275, 300, 350, 400, 500

Highlights of the Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

  • Broad selection of spine configurations
  • Exceptional durability
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • Only available direct from the manufacturer

Product Overview As elk hunting gains popularity with each passing year, the equipment used must be exceptionally robust. The Day Six HD arrow, priced at $234, stands out as an ideal choice for ardent elk hunters. This heavyweight carbon arrow is designed for utmost strength and resilience, capable of withstanding the harshest conditions.

The arrow features a thick inner wall for enhanced durability. It is available in a wide range of spines: 250, 275, 300, 350, 400, and 500, ensuring a perfect match for any elk hunter’s specifications. Hunters can purchase these arrows either as bare shafts or with three or four fletchings. Additionally, Day Six offers a comprehensive component system, including inserts and collars in aluminum (23gr), titanium (50gr), and stainless steel (75gr). This robust arrow promises not only to bring down an elk but also to withstand the journey beyond the initial impact.

Top Arrow for Traditional Hunting

Black Eagle Instinct Traditional

Black Eagle Arrows Instinct® Traditional Fletched…
  • FEATURES: .005″ or Better Straightness or Straighter, +/- 1 Grain Weight Tolerance, 34 Inch Shaft Length, and 500 Spine (Stiffness)
  • Fletched Arrows come with Black Eagle Arrows Standard M-Nock – 6 Grains, Stainless Steel Outserts – 100 Grains, 3″ Shield Cut Feathers | Red Barred and Solid Black – 3 Grains


  • Material: Carbon
  • Outside diameter: 0.248 inches (350 spine)
  • Spines available: 350, 400, 500, 600

Highlights of the Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

  • Comprehensive range of spine options
  • Maintains the classic appearance of wooden arrows
  • Unique in its category


  • Lacks the popular 300 spine option

Product Overview Recognizing the needs of traditional bowhunters, Black Eagle Arrows has firmly established itself in the archery industry with products like the Instinct Traditional Arrow, priced at $80. This arrow is the only one on the market that combines the slender, micro-diameter of modern carbon arrows with the nostalgic, wooden appearance traditional archers admire.

The Instinct Traditional is available in 350, 400, 500, and 600 spine options. These arrows are equipped with Black Eagle’s 100-grain stainless steel outserts for added forward weight and come with a N Nock (6 grains), ensuring a straightness tolerance of 0.005 inches or better. For enthusiasts of traditional archery, the Black Eagle Instinct Traditional is a steadfast companion in any archery endeavor.

Outstanding Additional Hunting Arrows

Altra Centrum Premier 0.166 Arrows


  • Material: High modulus carbon
  • Outside diameter: 0.166 inches
  • Spines available: 250, 300, 350, 400

Highlights of the Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

  • Extensive range of spines
  • Superior ARCOS Insert/Outsert System
  • Innovative No Spine Technology ensures consistent flight


  • Higher GPI with no lighter option available

Product Overview

Introduced in 2024, Altra Arrows is committed to providing uncompromising precision in their arrow designs, and their Centrum Premier 0.166 arrow is a testament to this philosophy. This 32-inch long, micro-diameter arrow made of high modulus carbon boasts a straightness of 0.001 inches. Altra offers these arrows in either a fletched 6-pack or an unfletched 12-pack, with the fletched version featuring Q2i RAPT-X vanes.

A distinctive feature of Altra Arrows is their No Spine Technology, which eliminates the traditional stiff side found in carbon arrows. This innovation lowers the entry barrier to achieving perfect arrow flight. The ARCOS Insert/Outsert System included with these arrows features a three-piece design: an insert with an O-ring collar and an outsert that threads onto the insert. This system not only enhances the concentricity between the insert and outsert but also secures the insert more firmly and reduces vibration.

Although these arrows have not yet been tested firsthand, the specifications and industry buzz suggest that they should be considered seriously in the arrow selection process.

Optimal Arrow for Elk Hunting

Easton 6.5 Hunter Classic

Easton 6.5 Hunter Classic Shafts 300 1 doz.
  • EASTON SHAFT 6.5MM HUNTER CLASSIC (.003) 300 (12)


  • Material: Carbon (Acu-Carbon Uniform Spine Process)
  • Outside diameter: 0.300 inches (300 spine)
  • Spines available: 250, 300, 340, 400, 500

Highlights of the Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

  • Affordable pricing
  • Varied spine options available
  • Eliminates the need for spine alignment


  • Lower durability than some competitors

Product Overview

If there’s a strong contender for an affordable, yet high-performing arrow, it’s the Easton 6.5 Hunter Classic. This arrow, crafted in the USA, strikes a balance between cost and quality.

The 6.5 Hunter Classic, with a 6.5mm carbon shaft, offers a mid-range straightness of .003 inches. It is available in spine options of 250, 300, 340, 400, and 500. One of its standout features is Easton’s Acu-Carbon Uniform Spine process, which weaves carbon strands to create uniformity and consistency, eliminating the need for manual spine alignment.

Each arrow includes Easton 6.5mm inserts, which have an enlarged shoulder for improved durability and enhanced Front of Center (FOC). Additionally, the Easton Microlite nocks, which are designed to be lightweight and minimize space between the arrow and bowstring, contribute to an optimized FOC. This makes the Easton 6.5 Hunter Classic an excellent choice for hunters across North America seeking a reliable yet budget-friendly arrow.

Premium Arrow for Traditional Archery

Black Eagle X-Impact


  • Material: 100% high modulus carbon
  • Outside diameter: 0.209-0.256 inches
  • Spines available: 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900

Highlights of the Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

  • Extensive spine range
  • Lightweight for a flatter trajectory
  • Allows for increased point weight upfront


  • High modulus carbon is more prone to brittleness

Product Overview

The Black Eagle X-Impact, priced at $195, is designed to perform reliably under rigorous conditions. Made from 100% high-modulus carbon, it’s the lightest arrow offered by Black Eagle, intended to optimize front-end weight for enhanced long-range accuracy.

This design results in a faster, more powerful delivery, essential for quickly moving targets like deer. The X-Impact is available in an extraordinary range of spines from 200 to 900, offering versatility for various hunting scenarios. It features a straightness tolerance of 0.001 inches and comes equipped with Black Eagle anodized outserts and Micro-Nocks (8 grains).

The Black Eagle X-Impact is as indispensable at a hunting camp as the hunters themselves, providing the means for a successful hunt without taking up space in the kitchen.

Advanced Technology in Hunting Arrows

Carbon Express Maxima Triad


  • Material: 30-ton carbon
  • Outside diameter: 0.166 inches
  • Spines available: 300, 350, 400

Highlights of the Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

  • Exceptionally durable
  • Tri-spine/Red Zone technology reduces oscillation by ⅓
  • Straightness individually laser-checked


  • Limited spine options available

Product Overview

Carbon Express, a familiar name in the hunting community, presents the Maxima Triad, retailing for $300, which is crafted to excel in both arrow recovery during flight and impactful penetration. Made from 30-ton carbon, the Maxima Triad is available in spines of 300, 350, and 400.

A key feature of this arrow is Carbon Express’s Tri-Spine/Red Zone technology. This patented innovation significantly reduces arrow oscillation by a third, enhancing both the arrow’s in-flight recovery and its accuracy upon reaching the target.

Additionally, these arrows are rigorously laser-checked for straightness to a precision of .002 inches and come pre-fletched with Q2i Rapt-X 2-inch vanes, coupled with Launchpad Precision Nocks. The Maxima Triad from Carbon Express is a top choice for bowhunters seeking high performance and reliability.

Enhanced Penetration Hunting Arrow

Easton FMJ 4mm


  • Material: Carbon core with 7075 aluminum wrap
  • Outside diameter: 0.240 inches (340 spine)
  • Spines available: 250, 300, 340, 400

Highlights of the Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

  • Innovative dual-material design
  • Renowned for proven performance
  • Exceptional impact strength


  • Prone to bending which may render them unusable

Product Overview Easton, a veteran in arrow manufacturing since 1922, has mastered the art of producing arrows that meet the diverse needs of bowhunters. The Easton FMJ 4mm, priced at $200, epitomizes a high-penetration design that consistently outperforms.

This arrow has become a favorite due to its robust construction, which involves a carbon-fiber core enveloped by a 7075 aluminum tube, creating a full metal jacket. This structure not only enhances the arrow’s durability but also its penetrating capability, especially with its micro-diameter 4mm shaft, which is ideal for deep penetration.

Available in spine options of 250, 300, 340, and 400, each FMJ 4mm arrow includes a 4mm 8-32 aluminum half-out (50 grains) and a 4mm Micro Lite nock (6 grains). Easton offers straightness grades of 0.003 inches and a Match Grade of 0.001 inches. For those seeking additional customization, Easton provides 4mm Deep Six components, which are available separately.

Speed-Optimized Hunting Arrow

Gold Tip Velocity Pro


  • Material: 100% carbon
  • Outside diameter: 0.296 inches (340 spine)
  • Spines available: 300, 340, 400, 500, 600

Highlights of the Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

  • Designed for speed with a flatter trajectory
  • Expansive spine selection
  • Enhances bow performance


  • Lighter construction may affect durability

Product Overview Gold Tip’s reputation for catering to the needs of bowhunters shines through with the Velocity Pro, priced at $169. This arrow is tailor-made for those seeking a lightweight option that promotes faster speeds and a flatter shooting trajectory.

The Velocity Pro, crafted from pure carbon, achieves its speed-enhancing properties by optimizing the grains per inch (GPI), ensuring that quality is not compromised despite its lighter weight. Available in spine variations of 300, 340, 400, 500, and 600, it also features a straightness tolerance of 0.001 inches.

This arrow includes an internal component system for easy broadhead alignment, as well as a bushing and GTO nock, making it a prime choice for hunters looking to maximize the speed and efficiency of their bows.

Hybrid Material Hunting Arrow

Victory RIP SS Elite Arrows


  • Material: Carbon and stainless steel
  • Outside diameter: 0.204 inches
  • Spines available: 250, 300, 350, 400

Highlights of the Best Hunting Arrows of 2024

  • Innovative hybrid material design
  • Excellent momentum for deeper penetration
  • Comprehensive range of spine options


  • The weight may be excessive for some users

Product Overview Victory Archery, primarily known for its 100% carbon arrows, presents the RIP SS Elite, priced at $130, which stands out as a lighter and faster update to its predecessor, the Xtorsion. Though it may not be widely recognized, its performance is noteworthy, providing straight, true shots every time.

The RIP SS is designed with performance in mind, featuring a .204 diameter and crafted from a blend of stainless steel layers intertwined within a 90-degree carbon weave. This structure not only ensures robust momentum and superior penetration but also enhances the overall integrity of the arrow.

Victory offers the RIP SS Elite in spine options of 250, 300, 350, and 400. Available straightness options include Sport (.006”), Gamer (.003”), and Elite (.001”). Each arrow is meticulously hand-finished with Blazer vanes and comes equipped with a 50-grain Shok TL aluminum insert and a 9-grain IP nock.

Buying Guide: Selecting the Ideal Hunting Arrow

The range of hunting arrows discussed encompasses a broad variety. There’s something suitable for every hunter. A key distinction among these arrows is their weight, measured in grains per inch (GPI). This variation leads to a significant debate among bowhunters: the choice between heavy and light arrows.

This guide aims to help you determine the best arrow weight for your specific hunting style.

The Benefits of Heavier Hunting Arrows

Lately, the trend has been shifting towards heavier arrows, typically weighing over 500 grains. The advantage of a heavier arrow lies in its momentum, which refers to the force retained by the arrow as it penetrates an animal. This increased momentum results in more complete pass-throughs and reduces the impact of obstacles like bones on the arrow’s trajectory. It’s important to note that momentum is different from kinetic energy, which is the energy an arrow carries upon impact.

Heavier arrows offer better resistance to wind and absorb more energy when shot, resulting in a quieter release.

The Drawbacks of Heavy Arrows

Despite their advantages, heavy arrows come with certain limitations. Their increased weight makes them slower, leading to a steeper trajectory. This reduces the margin for error in distance estimation, which can be crucial when targeting game like elk at uncertain ranges. For hunters using multi-pin sights, this also means wider gaps between pins, complicating the aiming process for in-between distances.

The Advantages of Lighter Hunting Arrows

Conversely, lighter arrows are gaining popularity due to their speed, which grants them a flatter trajectory. This characteristic lessens the need for precise yardage estimation, a significant advantage in dynamic hunting scenarios. This can mean the difference between a successful hunt and a missed opportunity. Additionally, lighter arrows allow hunters to practice at longer ranges more effectively, enhancing overall shooting precision.

For those using multi-pin sights, lighter arrows mean tighter pin spacing, which increases accuracy when aiming between pins at non-standard distances.

The Downsides of Lightweight Arrows

However, lighter arrows have their cons. They retain less momentum, which can lead to incomplete pass-throughs and deflections by obstacles like bones. They also perform poorly in windy conditions, which could affect shot accuracy.

At the moment of release, lighter arrows produce more noise compared to heavier ones, potentially alerting game. Additionally, their durability is often compromised; missing a target or hitting a hard object might result in more damage to the arrow.

Finding the Balance: The Ideal Hunting Arrow Weight

Ultimately, the choice of arrow weight is subjective and should be tailored to your specific setup and needs. A weight that is considered heavy or light for one hunter might not be the same for another, depending on factors like draw weight and draw length.

Aiming for a midweight arrow might help balance the drawbacks associated with both extremes, providing a versatile solution that performs well under most conditions.

Prioritizing Arrow Flight

Above all, the quality of arrow flight is paramount. While it’s beneficial to have a target arrow weight in mind, the best performing arrow for your setup should be your choice. For instance, if an arrow weighing 450 grains provides superior accuracy and consistency compared to one that’s 500 grains, it might be wise to opt for the lighter option.

In conclusion, while it’s good to have a preferred arrow weight, the most crucial factor is how well the arrow flies with your setup. Opt for the arrow that offers the best performance, even if it means adjusting your initial weight goal.

FAQs About Hunting Arrows

What is the best arrow for hunting?

The best arrow for hunting depends on the type of game, the bow used, and the hunter’s personal preferences. Factors such as arrow weight, stiffness (spine), material, and fletching play significant roles. Popular choices include the Easton FMJ for its penetration and the Gold Tip Hunter for its balance of performance and price.

What are the best American made arrows?

Easton, Gold Tip, and Black Eagle are among the best American-made arrows, known for their quality, reliability, and performance across various hunting and archery scenarios.

What arrows does Chris Bee hunt with?

Chris Bee, a well-known archer and YouTuber, frequently uses arrows from brands like Gold Tip and Black Eagle, appreciated for their performance and durability.

Is a heavier arrow better for hunting?

Heavier arrows are generally better for hunting because they provide more momentum, leading to better penetration and less deflection by bones or wind. They also tend to be quieter and absorb more energy, reducing bow shock.

Is a 500 grain arrow too heavy for deer?

A 500 grain arrow is not too heavy for deer; it can be quite effective. Heavier arrows provide deeper penetration, which is beneficial for ensuring a clean, ethical kill.

How many arrows should a hunter carry?

A hunter should typically carry between 3 to 6 arrows while hunting. The exact number can depend on the expected game density and the likelihood of needing multiple shots.

Are light or heavy arrows better for deer?

Heavy arrows are generally better for deer because they provide greater penetration and momentum, which are crucial for ensuring a quick and humane kill.

Are heavier arrows more accurate?

Heavier arrows can be more accurate in windy conditions due to their greater momentum, which helps them maintain a straighter flight path. However, accuracy also heavily depends on the bow setup and the archer’s skill.

What is considered a heavy hunting arrow?

A heavy hunting arrow typically weighs over 450 grains. Arrows in this weight range provide substantial kinetic energy and momentum for better penetration.

Is a shorter arrow better for hunting?

Not necessarily; the ideal arrow length is determined by the archer’s draw length to ensure optimal performance and safety. A shorter arrow may not be safe if it does not extend beyond the bow’s riser when at full draw.

What is the correct arrow length for hunting?

The correct arrow length for hunting is typically about 0.5 to 1 inch longer than the archer’s draw length. This ensures the arrow is safely secured against the arrow rest and the bowstring at full draw.

What is the best arrow speed for deer hunting?

The optimal arrow speed for deer hunting is typically around 250 to 300 feet per second. This speed provides a good balance between kinetic energy, penetration, and trajectory flatness.

Is a 400 grain arrow enough for elk?

Yes, a 400 grain arrow can be sufficient for elk, provided it is matched with the right bow setup and broadhead. It offers a good balance between speed and penetration.

What arrows for a 70lb bow?

For a 70lb bow, arrows with a spine rating suitable for the draw weight and length are recommended. Typically, arrows with a spine of around 300 to 340 are suitable for such a bow setup.

What is a 300 spine arrow for?

A 300 spine arrow is generally suitable for higher draw weights, usually around 70 to 90 pounds, depending on the arrow’s length and the bow’s dynamics.

Can arrows be too heavy?

Yes, arrows can be too heavy, which may reduce the bow’s effective range and speed. Very heavy arrows might also not perform as well in terms of flight dynamics, especially if the bow is not designed to handle such weights.

What is the difference between 300 and 400 spine arrows?

The main difference is their stiffness. A 300 spine arrow is stiffer than a 400 spine arrow. Stiffer arrows (lower numbers) are generally used with higher draw weights or longer draw lengths.

Does arrow color matter for hunting?

Arrow color does not significantly impact hunting effectiveness, as it is more about the hunter’s ability to track the arrow during flight and after a shot. However, brighter colored fletchings can help in locating the arrow post-shot.


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