5 Best Exercises to Get in Shape & Lose Weight

Top 5 Police Exercises to Get in Shape and Lose Weight Table of Contents Top 3 Most Common Mistakes When Trying to Get in Shape & Lose Weight Scale Obsession the numbers on the scale is not always the best indicator of weight change. Measuring your waistline and taking monthly photos of yourself can reveal […]

14 Day Police Workout Plan: Lose Fat & Build Muscle

If you want to lose weight and get into shape for the police fitness test you’ve come to the right place.  In this article, you will get a 14 day action plan that will help you burn fat and prepare you for the police training academy or any police related physical abilities test. So here’s your complete 14-day WARP-SPEED […]

How to Properly Train For The Police Officer Physical Fitness Test

When most potential police candidates think of a workout routine to train for the police agility test, they always think of steady, slow cardio training. Research shows that cardio is not the best way to get into shape or lose weight. In fact, it’s almost a complete waste of time. My police specific workout routine doesn’t use […]

Police Fitness Test – Sample Workout to Pass the Physical Fitness Test

Whether you want to be a city policemen,  state police officer, deputy sheriff, FBI agent, DEA, and/or ATF agent you must successfully pass the Law Enforcement Physical Fitness Test. The Police Fitness Test was designed to measure muscular strength, endurance, anaerobic capacity, and aerobic power with very limited recovery period between exercise stations. To prepare […]

Police Physical Fitness Test – Improve Your Push-ups FAST!

If you want to drastically improve your push-ups as you prepare for the police officer physical agility test, then keep reading. The one mistake that candidates make when training for the police fitness test is doing too much cardio and forgetting about their upper body strength. The majority of law enforcement agencies will test your […]