21+ Best Jobs For Retired Police Officers

Retirement from active police duty doesn’t mean the end of a fulfilling career. For many, it’s the beginning of a second act, an opportunity to use the skills and experience acquired over years of service in a new way.

Numerous organizations value the unique capabilities that retired police officers bring to the table. From investigations to security, education to consulting, there’s a wealth of opportunities waiting for those ready to start their second careers.

This article explores over 21+ excellent jobs for retired police officers who are eager to embark on this exciting new journey.

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13 Careers for Retired Police Officers Who Want to Stay in Investigations or Security

Retired police officers who want to stay in investigations or security have a multitude of career options.

Their background in law enforcement provides them with a solid foundation in areas such as risk assessment, criminal investigations, surveillance, and crisis management.

These skills are highly sought after in various sectors, including corporate security, private investigation, and loss prevention.

1. Corporate security manager: $100K+

One lucrative career option is the role of a corporate security manager. This job involves overseeing the security operations within a corporation, ensuring the safety of personnel, assets, and information.

Duties might include developing security policies, coordinating security staff, conducting risk assessments, and responding to security incidents.

The average salary for a corporate security manager is over $100,000, making it an attractive option for retired police officers.

Their experience in law enforcement equips them well for this role, as they’re already familiar with managing safety protocols, threat evaluation, and emergency response.

In addition to a generous salary, the role of a corporate security manager also offers the satisfaction of protecting an organization’s employees and assets.

It’s an excellent position for those who thrive in a high-stakes environment and enjoy the challenge of safeguarding a large organization.

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2. Cybersecurity specialist: $103K+

In an increasingly digital world, cybersecurity specialists are in high demand. This role involves protecting systems and networks from threats and attacks.

Retired police officers with an interest in technology can excel in this field by leveraging their investigative skills and understanding of criminal behavior.

3. Intelligence analyst: $84K+

Intelligence analysts work closely with law enforcement agencies to identify potential threats and assist in decision-making processes.

They analyze data, identify trends, and provide strategic guidance. Given their extensive experience in intelligence gathering and analysis, retired police officers are well-suited for this role.

4. Forensic accountant: $77K+

Forensic accountants investigate financial crimes such as fraud and embezzlement. This job requires a keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of financial systems – skills that many police officers develop during their careers.

5. Bodyguard: $31K+

As a bodyguard, retired cops can use their expertise in personal protection to ensure the safety of individuals.

This could include celebrities, executives, politicians, or anyone else requiring personal security services.

6. Fraud investigator: $65K+

Fraud investigators work to uncover fraudulent activities within businesses or organizations. The investigative skills developed during a career in policing are highly transferable to this role.

7. Parole officer: $60K+

Parole officers supervise offenders who have been released from prison on parole. This role allows retired cops to continue to contribute to public safety in a significant way.

8. Private investigator (PI): $59K+

Private investigators often work on cases involving missing persons, infidelity, or background checks. Many retired police officers transition into this field due to their investigative experience and knowledge of law enforcement.

9. Crime scene investigator: $62K+

Crime scene investigators collect and analyze evidence from crime scenes. Previous experience in law enforcement provides a solid foundation for this meticulous and often challenging work.

10. Deputy sheriff: $65K+

Deputy sheriffs perform duties similar to those of a police officer, but on a county level. This position is a good fit for retired police officers looking to continue serving their community.

11. Loss prevention specialist: $31K+

Loss prevention specialists are employed by retail businesses to prevent theft and reduce losses. This role can be a good fit for retired cops with experience in investigative work.

12. Public safety officer: $31K+

Public safety officers ensure the safety of a specific area, such as a college campus or residential community. This role allows retired cops to continue to protect and serve in a less stressful environment.

13. Security guard: $31K+

Security guards protect people, property, and assets. This is a popular second career for retired police officers, as it utilizes their skills in maintaining order and ensuring safety.

10 Jobs for Retired Cops Who Want Something Totally Different

1. Script consultant: $70K+

Script consultants provide advice to screenwriters on elements of their scripts, including plot, character development, and dialogue.

Retired police officers can offer unique insights into law enforcement procedures and jargon, making this an interesting career option.

2. Emergency management director: $77K+

Emergency management directors prepare plans and procedures for responding to natural disasters or other emergencies.

They also help lead the response during and after emergencies. With their background in crisis response, retired cops are well-equipped for this role.

3. Mediator: $49K+

Mediators help resolve disputes between parties, often as an alternative to court proceedings. The negotiation and communication skills honed during a police career can be invaluable in this role.

4. High school teacher: $62K+

Teaching can be a rewarding second career for retired cops. They can bring real-world experiences to subjects like criminal justice, law, or public safety courses.

5. Journalist: $48K+

Journalism is another field where retired cops can make good use of their investigative skills. Covering the crime beat for a newspaper or website can be a natural fit.

6. Truck driver: $48K+

For retired cops who enjoy being on the move, truck driving can offer freedom and a decent income. It also makes good use of the discipline and focus required in law enforcement.

7. Personal trainer: $41K

If physical fitness was a favorite part of police work, becoming a personal trainer could be a rewarding career switch. It allows retired cops to share their fitness knowledge and help others achieve their health goals.

8. Victim advocate: $50K+

Victim advocates provide support and resources to victims of crimes. With their understanding of the criminal justice system, retired cops can provide valuable assistance and empathy.

9. Firearms instructor: $51K+

Many retired cops choose to become firearms instructors, using their expert knowledge to teach others about safety and proper use of firearms.

10. Barber: $30K+

While it might seem like a leap, becoming a barber can offer a complete change of pace. It allows retired cops to work with their hands, engage with people in a relaxed setting, and learn a new craft.

What Transferable Skills Do Police Officers Possess?

Police officers are equipped with a wide array of transferable skills that make them attractive candidates for various roles across different industries.

First and foremost, their communication skills are exceptional. They are adept at conveying information clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing. This ability is crucial in numerous professions, from teaching to consulting.

Attention to detail is another significant strength of police officers. They are trained to notice even the smallest details, which can be vital in roles such as forensic accounting or cybersecurity.

Additionally, their patience and perseverance, honed through years of challenging law enforcement work, are beneficial in any profession requiring tenacity and resilience.

Police officers are also highly resourceful and possess excellent problem-solving skills. These capabilities are particularly relevant in roles that require innovative thinking and strategic planning.

Furthermore, their teamwork skills, acquired from working in a highly collaborative environment, are invaluable in any team-based role.

Other notable skills include physical stamina, leadership, self-defense training, and the ability to work under high pressure.

These skills, coupled with their technical knowledge related to law enforcement, make retired police officers valuable assets in any industry.

Why Do Many Police Officers Pursue Second Careers?

There are several reasons why many police officers pursue second careers. For some, the physical demands and stresses associated with law enforcement lead them to seek less strenuous roles.

Others might desire a change of pace or want to explore new interests and passions. Additionally, the pension benefits for early retirement often provide financial stability, allowing former officers to transition into new careers without significant financial pressure.

Moreover, the breadth of transferable skills that police officers possess opens up a wide range of career possibilities outside of law enforcement.

From corporate security to teaching, consulting, and beyond, there are numerous opportunities for retired officers to leverage their unique skill sets in new ways.

Forge a New Path

Retirement from the police force doesn’t have to mean an end to meaningful work. With their wealth of experience and transferable skills, retired police officers are well-positioned to forge new paths in various fields.

Whether they choose to stay within the realm of investigations and security or venture into something completely different, the possibilities are vast and exciting.

There’s no better time than the present to explore these opportunities and embark on a rewarding second career.

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Speaking Events Best Fit:

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