POST Exam Study Guide – Buy a State By State Police Examination Book

POST Exam Study Guide – Buy a State By State Police Examination Book

If you aren’t looking for a POST exam study guide that will help you prepare for the police officer entrance examination in your state, then you’ve landed on the wrong website. For several years, the POST entrance exam has been a major roadblock for many applicants who are vying to become police officers in their respective communities.

Some candidates who fail the test will be so overcome by disappointment they will discontinue their pursuit of becoming a cop forever. Some of these recruits would have otherwise been good officers if they had simply stayed the course. Little did they know that many current cops have failed the test on their first attempt as well. In fact, some had to retake the POST exam 3-4 times before getting a satisfactory score.

Some candidates have done well on the test, while others have failed with disappointing scores. I don’t know the exact failure rate among first time test takers, but I’ve heard it’s well over 30% in some states; that number may or may not be accurate. Regardless of the number, there really shouldn’t be any reason why a potential recruit can’t pass the test.

Why do I say that?

With so many police officer self study courses available online, I’m shocked more candidates don’t pass the test. The only reason I can attribute this to is many applicants don’t know an online POST exam study guide is available.

So whether you are taking the test for the first time or you’re retaking it after having failed it the first time around, simply click on your state below to download your POST exam study guide right now!

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