Become a US Secret Service Agent: Comprehensive Guide

Become a US secret service agent

Do you have what it takes to become a Secret Service special agent?

The Secret Service is looking for individuals with integrity, courage, and a strong sense of duty. If that sounds like you, we encourage you to apply.

There are many myths and misconceptions about what it takes to become a secret service agent.

We’re here to clear things up. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the requirements and process for becoming a Secret Service agent.

United States Secret Service

The United States Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security. The United States Secret Service (USSS) was founded in 1865 by President Abraham Lincoln to combat counterfeit currency.

Its primary mission is to protect the President of the United States, his family, and other high-profile government officials. The Secret Service also investigates financial crimes.

Secret service agents work is very demanding and challenging, but also very rewarding. Agents must be able to work well under pressure, handle sensitive information and be able to stay calm under difficult circumstances.

Responsibilities of a Secret Service agent include:

  • Protecting the President of the United States and their family
  • Preventing terrorist attacks
  • Investigating financial crimes
  • Providing security for important events

Average salary of a US secret service agent

Secret service agents make a good salary, with the average earning around $50,000 per year. However, the salary can vary depending on your experience and position within the agency. Agents in leadership positions or who have specialized skills can earn much more.

And of course, agents who work on presidential details can expect to make significantly more than those who work in other areas of the agency.

There are two different divisions in the US Secret Service:

Uniformed division

The uniformed division is a branch of the United States Secret Service that is responsible for providing security at the White House and other federal facilities. They are also responsible for providing protection for the President, Vice President, and their families.

To be a part of the uniformed division, you must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, be a U.S. citizen, and be between 21 and 37 years old. You must also be in excellent physical condition and pass a rigorous background check.

The training process is extremely challenging, but it’s well worth it to protect our nation’s leaders!

Special agents division

The Secret Service’s Special Agents Division is responsible for investigating financial crimes, such as access device fraud, counterfeiting and money laundering and protecting the President of the United States.

To become a special agent, you must have a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of law enforcement experience. You’ll also need to pass a training program that can last up to two years. Special agents are highly skilled and trained in investigation, protection, and firearms.

There are two distinct missions of United States Secret Service agents:

Protection of the President

The Presidential Protective Division (PPD) is a unit of the United States Secret Service that is responsible for providing protection to the President of the United States.

This division is highly trained and heavily armed, and is prepared to deal with any potential threats to the President’s safety.

The PPD is one of the most important units in the Secret Service, and its agents are some of the most highly skilled law enforcement officers in the country.

Protection of our financial systems

The Secret Service’s protection of our financial systems is a distinct mission that is just as important as protecting the President of the United States. Financial systems are essential to our economy and our way of life, and the Secret Service is dedicated to protecting them from criminals and terrorists.

They work closely with financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to identify and track down criminals who try to exploit our financial systems. Secret service agents play an important role in educating the public about how to protect themselves from financial fraud and other scams.

Eligibility criteria of a US secret service agent

  • Must be a US citizen
  • Hold either an undergraduate degree or GED equivalent and also a master’s degree
  • Have at least three years of full-time work experience
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Have no criminal record
  • Be in excellent physical condition
  • Speak English fluently
  • Must meet all the requirements for Top Secret clearance

How to become a US secret service agent

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university

A bachelor’s degree is the typical minimum requirement for becoming a secret service agent. Most agents have a degree in criminal justice or a related field, such as law enforcement or public administration. Candidates should have a GPA of at least three on a four-point scale, and some previous work experience in law enforcement is also helpful.

Experience in law enforcement

Experience in law enforcement is a valuable asset when applying to become a secret service agent. This could mean working as a police officer, detective, or federal agent. The Secret Service looks for individuals with a strong background in law enforcement and criminal justice.

This experience can help you stand out from the other applicants and show that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to protect the President of the United States.

Give a number of tests

The test that is given when applying for a job as a US secret service agent is known as the Treasury Enforcement Agent Test. This test is used to measure an applicant’s ability of law enforcement and investigate financial crimes. It includes questions about U.S. customs laws, federal criminal law, financial crimes, and more.

The test is administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and is only available in English. Some other tests include the Customs and Border Protection Officer Test, applicant physical abilities test and the U.S. Secret Service Agent Test. Agents should also have registered for the Selective Service System.

Different specialties that are required

When applying for a job as a secret service agent, you’ll need to specify which area of specialization you’re interested in. There are many different specialties that are available, such as: counterintelligence, forensics, financial crimes, protective operations, and public affairs. No matter which specialty you choose, you’ll be put through a training that will prepare you for the unique challenges.

Complete the training

Secret service agent careers require intense training to be completed. It can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months, and during that time you’ll learn about everything from criminal law to protection tactics.

You’ll also have to pass a fitness test and complete an extensive background check. Only the best and most qualified candidates are selected to become secret service agents, so it’s definitely not an easy path to follow!


Secret Service agent jobs requires you to have excellent physical conditioning and the ability to pass the stringent background checks.

You will also need to be proficient in firearms and self-defense techniques.

If you meet these requirements and have a passion for public service, then we encourage you to apply today!

FAQ About Becoming a secret service Agent

Below are some common questions and answers about what you can expect as a secret service agent.

What is the average salary of a secret service agent?

The average salary of a secret service special agent is $138,895+ per year. The amount they get paid changes depending on the experience they have.

What is a typical day for a secret service agent like?

A typical day for a secret service agent depends on the details of the assignment.

For example, an agent may be assigned to protect a high-ranking politician or other government officials.

Agents are always prepared for any situation that might arise while they are protecting their charge, so there is no typical day that includes all possible scenarios.

The job requires agents to always be aware of their surroundings and prepared for any situation.

How long is the training period before a secret service agent starts work?

Most new agents begin basic training in “Site Adex,” a formal training program at the James J. Rowley Training Center in Beltsville, Maryland.

This lasts many weeks and covers many topics, including criminal law, laws specific to the District of Columbia, and federal court procedures.

How well can secret service agents defend themselves?

Agents are well trained in self-defense.

In fact, new agents have to pass a background check and receive a top-secret security clearance before they can begin training with firearms and other self-defense equipment.

Training generally includes firearm safety and proficiency, weapons of mass destruction (or WMD) awareness, counter-surveillance, and arrest techniques, among other things.

What are the physical requirements to become a secret service agent?

Physical fitness is important for all federal jobs.

Secret Service Special Agents must have the ability to run long distances quickly and be able to maintain balance even while running at full speed across various types of terrain.

Agents must have 20/40 vision or be correctable to 20/40, and must have at least a normal perception of color.

They cannot be more than 40 pounds over the maximum weight for their height.

Agents also must pass a comprehensive medical exam.

What education is needed to become a secret service agent?

Secret Service Special Agents are required to have a four-year degree from an accredited college or university.

In addition, applicants must be U.S. citizens under the age of 37.

What kind of work as a secret service agent would not be as appealing as others?

Secret Service positions do require work in less desirable locations.

For example, agents may have to work in the evenings and on weekends.

They may also have to protect someone whose views do not align with their own.

While they will never be asked to do anything illegal, agents must remain professional even when faced with difficult situations.

What is the best way to get a job as a secret service agent?

The best way to get a job is by applying directly with the Secret Service.

There are no alternative routes into this career, and most applicants must complete extensive pre-employment testing and background checks before they can be considered for employment.

What kind of person would not make a good secret service agent?

While anyone who is physically fit, dedicated and hardworking can be a great candidate for the Secret Service, people who are interested in this line of work should also have patience, tact, and common sense.

Are there any black agents in the secret service?

Yes, there are black agents in the Secret Service.

While it is not required that you be of a certain race to work for this agency, statistics show that about 20% of agents are African American or Hispanic.

What kind of questions might come up when interviewing to become a secret service agent?

While there is no “typical” interview, you can expect questions about your background and how it relates to the job.

You may be asked why you want to work for the Secret Service and what kind of experience you have in similar positions.

The interviewer will also ask if you know someone with this organization or if anyone has spoken to you about working here.

Secret Service agents must be diplomatic and tactful in their work, so these qualities will likely be discussed during the interview process.

If your answer to a question could have negative connotations, it is best to rephrase or avoid answering altogether.

What are some benefits of becoming a secret service agent?

There are several benefits to working as a Secret Service agent.

For one, the job is very rewarding because you will be protecting the President of the United States and other top government officials.

In addition, this position tends to come with many opportunities for advancement.

Secret Service agents also receive competitive salaries and have access to federal employee benefits.

What is the median income of a secret service agent?

The average yearly salary for a secret service special agent is $138,895. An agent’s experience and pay grade, however, will ultimately determine their compensation.

This position does tend to come with benefits such as health care and retirement plans.

It should be noted that this figure may vary depending on location and whether or not an agent is assigned to the Presidential Protective Division.

How much do secret service agents make?

The salary of a Secret Service agent depends on three factors: (1) which division they work in, (2) their level of experience and (3) whether or not they are entitled to overtime pay.

However, the typical salary of a secret service special agent is $138,895+ per year. An agent’s experience and pay grade, however, will ultimately determine their earnings.


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Speaking Events Best Fit:

  • LEO Academy Graduations
  • Any Public Safety Events
  • Men’s Groups
  • Church Conferences
  • Military Veteran Events
  • At Risk Youth Programs
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  • AI Implementation Strategy
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